5 Benefits of Cannabis Consumption

Why should you consume cannabis if you’re not doing it yet? And if you are a regular pot user, which are the benefits of cannabis consumption?

This article is not attempting to “influence” anyone to consume cannabis, we just want to spread the benefits of doing so.

5 Benefits of Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis is a plant which grows naturally on earth for thousands of years. Since the middle of the last century we were told how bad it is, and how it affects us, but is it so?

Let’s see what does cannabis really have for us.

Cannabis improves creativity

Some of you may have noticed that while “high”, a bunch of ideas come to mind. Good, bad, however much more than while sober. An experiment was made in 2012 about this cannabis effect. 100 people were tested sober in one day, and high in another. The results showed that, they have increased their verbal fluency and the brain was more active in the day when they consumed cannabis.

Cannabis kills cancer cells

Cannabis contains a group of active ingredients called cannabinoids. Inhaling those cannabinoids, scientists have shown that are able to kill cancer cells, and meanwhile protects normal cells. Cannabinoids can also reduce the risk of liver cancer, blood cancer and breast cancer. Also another medical property is that it eases the chemotherapy pain.

Cannabis can help you give up heroin

As you may known, heroin is the most addictive drug which causes thousands of deaths annualy.
An experiment made at Columbia University revealed that cannabis is an alternative for opiate drug addicts. The patients who consumed cannabis, were less anxious and were able to have a better sleep than the others. This it’s not much, but it is a start. We’re hoping that in the future, the government will allow more studies on this side.

Cannabis consumers are not obese

You may laugh at this one. Because we all know that after smoking the “munchies” come into play and you feel you can eat a wagon full of pizza and 5 KFC buckets. But are the cannabinoids working together in your favor? A study revealed that pot smokers are less likely to gain body fat. This is a sign of good blood circulation. And this is what cannabis does. So, even if it gives you the “munchies” it also helps balance it out.

Cannabis can improve your sleep quality

Are you not sleeping well? Do you suffer for insomnia or you have nightmares every night?

Instead of taking sleeping pills every day, or being scared of going to sleep, try cannabis. It’s much healthier, it doesn’t affect your liver (it protects it) and you will be able to get a normal 8 hour sleep without nightmares. Even better, in the morning you will feel fresh and you’ll notice a higher brain activity.



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