Affordable Bongs With 1 to 3 Honey Comb Disc by Black Leaf

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The Glass Bong with HoneyComb Disc Perc comes out with a blue glass Honey Comb percolator for better smoke quality and a reinforced stemless design. It has a stable cylinder round foot with blue rim; a 18.8 mm slide bowl made from clear glass and a blue handle attached. Due to its shape it can be easily held in hand for a more comfortable use. The bent mouthpiece allows you to be cozy whilst taking a hit.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, it measures 12.8 inch (32.5 cm) with a 25 mm mouthpiece diameter and a 50mm body width. It’s made from 5 mm thick borosilicate glass and it’s designed with the Honey Comb label in middle of the tube.

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This bong, from Black Leaf, comes with the amazing double Honey Comb filtration, made from blue borosilicate glass. The double filtration is a blessing for your lungs and throat making the smoke easier to inhale. You can take a cold but still strong hit.

It has a stable round base with a blue edge, an 18.8 mm clear glass bowl and a attached, blue glass handle. A reinforced stemless design, a integrated screen, together with a cool Honey Comb label on tube that makes it unique.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, it has a 12.6 inch (32 cm) height, a 50 mm body diameter and a 32mm mouthpiece diameter. It’s made from 5mm thick clear glass with blue edges.

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This scientific bong amazed me with that triple Honey Comb disc percolators. The smoke passes from one disc to the other breaking it up into lots of small bubbles. This type of percolation allows you to enjoy your hits without coughs. The bong has a reinforced stemless design and a integrated screen, all made from high quality borosilicate glass, 4 mm thick.

It also comes with a stable round foot with a classic cylinder tube shape plus a 14.5 mm slide glass bowl with a blue handle.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, it measures 10 inch (25.5 cm) and has a 25mm body diameter plus a 25mm mouthpiece diameter.

Clear colored with blue rims and the Honey Comb label on the tube, this can be your best buddy from now on. It’s small and easy to carry but in the same time it provides full flavored hits.

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