Bargain Bubblers by Grace Glass

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With a saxophone shape and made from borosilicate glass with leafy-green rims this bubbler is specially made for your favorite essential oils and concentrates. It has a heavy base inside which the built-in turbine disc percolator, the 18.8 mm joint and the inline slitted diffuser is constructed. The perc and the slitted diffuser are both made from green glass. The bubbler also comes equipped with a 18.8 mm flower bowl, with green handles and a 18.8 vapor dome, with nail included.

Manufactured by Grace Glass, the bubbler measures 9.5 inch (24 cm) with a 50 mm diameter. Attached to it comes a burnt green Grace Glass logo.

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Grace-Glass-Blue-Duck-Vapor-Bubbler-6-arm-TreePerc-1 Grace-Glass-Blue-Duck-Vapor-Bubbler-6-arm-TreePerc-1
Grace-Glass-Blue-Duck-Vapor-Bubbler-6-arm-TreePerc-2 Grace-Glass-Blue-Duck-Vapor-Bubbler-6-arm-TreePerc-2

The Blue Duck Vapor Bubbler with 6-arm Tree Perc is made from clear, high-quality borosilicate glass and features a built in 6-arm tree percolator colored in blue. The amazing percolator disperses the smoke, breaking it into bubbles, which then goes in the recycling chamber. There it is filter again and again until the smooth full flavored smoke is achieved. The bubbler comes with a 18.8 mm joint size, a female 18.8 mm vapor dome, nail and a bowl with blue handles. Plus a interesting disc mouthpiece with rasta hurricane design, complete this amazing water pipe.

Manufactured by Grace Glass, it measures 11.8 inch (30 cm) with a 55 mm diameter.

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The Recycler Vapor Bubbler with Inline Diffuser sits on a clear stable beaker base with a green tube. This bubbler’s design is unique. It has a pear shaped mouthpiece, specially made for a cozy smoke of your favorite concentrates and essential oils. Inside you can find the 14.5 mm joint with inline diffuser and above, the female 14.5 mm vapor dome, equipped with a glass nail. You will also get a 14.5 mm flower bowl with green handles.

Manufactured by Grace Glass is all made from borosilicate glass and measures 5.9 inch (15 cm) high and a 45 mm diameter.

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