Beautiful Colored Glass Sherlock Pipes

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Pink Colored Glass Sherlock Pipes

This Inside Out Fume & Colored Cane with Clear Magnifiers Pipe is made from high quality, borosilicate glass and features amazing colors. Due to the fact, that its  inside-out fumed and has a thick layer of clear glass, it amplifies the colors and gives them beautiful and unique effects. This makes the colors and the patterns more alive. Also, these colors will variate in time, after usage, so you’ll have a different pipe every day. When you clean it, the original colors recur and you can start again discovering other shades and patterns of the colored glass sherlock pipes.

Individually hand made by glass artists from the Mountain Jam Company. The pipe is 4 inch long (10.2 cm) and can be easily carried around. It features a carb hole on the left side, and  multiple clear glass magnifiers on the right.

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Slyme Lizard Colored Glass Sherlock Pipes

This beautiful sherlock pipe is made from high quality cobalt blue borosilicate glass and features a gorgeous lizard pattern on the bowl in green. Because the pipes are individually made by glass artists, the one you will receive will be one of a kind. The design will be the same, but the critter shape and dot pattern may vary.

This sherlock pipe is a dry pipe and has a 5 inch (12.2 cm) length. It features a carb hole on the left side and unique electric green dots on the right side.

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Colored Glass Sherlock Pipes

Gold & Silver Fume Colored Glass Sherlock Pipes

This tiny 3 inch (7.6 cm) Sherlock pipe is just perfect if you want to have it with you, all the time. Small and pocket sized it can be exactly what you need and when you need, wherever you might go. It is handmade from high quality borosilicate glass and fumed with gold and silver. The fuming process allows the colors to change in time. If you want the original colors back, you’ll just have to clean it and… tadam! The pipe is brand new, as it was when you bought it.

The stem is decorated with a maria. And the bowl has a clear marble on the right side and a carb hole on the left.
The sherlock pipes are individually handmade by glass artists and may slightly vary, but the overall design will be the same.

Fuming is the process in which a small piece of metal is held in flames until vaporized. The pipe is rotated above this vapor until a thin layer of the vaporized metal is visible on the surface of the pipe.

A maria is a pushed glass that result in a decorative bulge. But that doesn’t just give a unique appearance, It also helps with providing a better grip.

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