Best Affordable Beaker Base Bongs by Black Leaf

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Look at this heavy, massive bong. If you want to enjoy smoking your favorite herbs without worrying about your bong falling down and cracking, this might be the one. It has a stable round beaker base, amber colored and a downstem attached to a bowl with a joint size of 18.8 mm. It’s roomy enough and capable to get you stoned anytime, anywhere. The three arm percolator which helps the smoke diffuse better into the water, offers you a cold smooth hit. And I say cold because this bongs works with ice too.

Manufactured by Black Leaf and measures a height of 19.7 inch (50 cm), 5 mm glass thickness and 50 mm diameter. The base, the bowl and half of the tube is amber colored. And it also comes with a carb stopper and a Flaming Skull logo burnt on half of the tube.

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This ice bong can be the perfect present for your best stoner friend. In the summertime you can enjoy the pleasure of a iced smoke or you can use it like a regular bong. It has a stable round base, blue colored, a clear glass dome percolator, a blue glass ash catcher and a comfortable, thick mouthpiece. Not to mention that the ideal downstem 5.5 inch (14 cm) length, together with the dome percolator make an amazing job with that smoke too.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, it comes with a carb hole and carb stopper. It measures 19.7 inch (50 cm), 50 mm diameter and has a glass thickness of 5 mm. With a spacious 18.8 mm joint size and a blue Flamingo Skull logo, it’s always ready to be your homie.

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Now this is indeed a tall bong. But also stable. It has a spacious beaker base, and an ideal downstem length of 5.1 inch (13 cm) plus a joint size of 18.8 mm. It’s a classic bong without a percolator. But be sure that the downstem takes care of the job. It has a simple design with clear amber glass and a hurricane pattern right in the middle of the tube. This ice bong screams “stay simple, and enjoy a great high”

Manufactured by Black Leaf, it measures a height of 21.6 inch (55 cm), a 50 mm tube diameter and a 5 mm glass thickness. It comes with ice notches, a cool hurricane pattern and a subtle Black Leaf logo colored in black.

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