Best Premium Bongs by Blaze Glass

mix-and-match-kit-1 mix-and-match-kit-1
mix-and-match-kit-2 mix-and-match-kit-2
mix-and-match-kit-3 mix-and-match-kit-3
mix-and-match-kit-4 mix-and-match-kit-4

Made of high quality, clear borosilicate glass with two blue glass disc diffusers and a dark blue, glass spiral, this bong is a beauty! With so many options. You will never get bored!

The Blaze Glass Complete Mix and Match Kit Double Disc Diffuser Base Liquid Cooling Spiral is a awesome water pipe. It features a 5mm thick steamless base with two disc diffusers, a liquid spiral and a comfortable, thick mouthpiece. The base and all other elements are interchangeable with any element from the Blaze Glass mix and match kit or any other kit that features a 45 mm joint.

The spiral is built inside a glass tube which contains anti-freeze liquid. You cân take out this part, before smoking and place it in the freezer. It will cool down but not freeze. Then you can use your bong for cold, soft, full flavored hits without any ice. You also get a 45 mm stainless steel joint clip that makes sure everything stays in one piece. This is a really big bong. At 20.5 inch (52 cm) and a diameter of 50 mm it will build up a high amount of smoke for your lungs. It’s a really awesome piece!

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ice-bong-blue-1 ice-bong-blue-1
ice-bong-blue-2 ice-bong-blue-2
ice-bong-blue-3 ice-bong-blue-3

Made of 5 mm thick, clear, borosilicate glass with a dark blue bowl, base, tree perc, splash guard and mouthpiece plus the sand blasted Blaze Glass logo, this makes for a beautiful bong!

The Blaze Glass 6 arm Perc Cylinder Ice Bong is a high quality bong for day to day use. It features a big glass bowl with marble rollstoppers, a slitted diffuser downstem, a 6 arm tree percolator and a splash guard. All for those smooth full flavored hits. The diffuser and the 6 arm perc all work together in dividing the bubbles for a higher surface contact of smoke to water, so that it cools down and filters. Don’t forget this is a ice bong so fit in a few ice cubes and enjoy the power of a cold smooth hit. The bong is 19.3 inches (49 cm) high and has a diameter of 51 mm which gives you the possibility of a huge hit. So just kick back, relax and smoke those cold, smooth hits through this awesome water pipe.

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Made of 5 mm quality, clear, borosilicate glass with black base, bowl, spiral perc, splash guard and mouthpiece plus a sand blasted Blaze Glass logo. Do you need more?

The Blaze Glass Premium Spiral Perc Beaker Base Ice Bong is one alternative for the previous tree perc diffuser. This water pipe features a slitted diffuser downstem, a glass spiral percolator, a splash guard and a big glass bowl with marble rollstoppers. The diffuser and spiral divide the smoke bubbles in order for it to be cooled down and filtered to the max before it gets to your lungs. Also, the splash guard protects you from those nasty bong water splashes. Then, the thick mothpiece, ensures a comfortable, perfect fit to your mouth. This is also a ice bong so go further and add some ice cubes to chill down the smoke even more. It is 18.9 inch high and has a diameter of 51 mm. That’s pretty big, enough for any experienced smokers hit.

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