Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer – Best Price Desktop Vaporizer

Herb Vaporizer

The Newest Model

Lifetime Warranty

Clear LCD Screen

Ceramic Heating

A more Quiet Fan

Variable Fan Speed

Exact temperature Control

Balloon Bag + Whip

Remote Control

Best Price

arizer extreme q accessories

The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizaer is a top quality product and probably the best price desktop vaporizer on the market now. It features not only the option of a balloon bag but also the whip accessory. So now you can choose which one you like to use when chilling with your favorite bud. You either fill up a bag of precious vapor or just hook up the whip and drag immediately.

arizer extreme q power

But these are not the only accessories available for your Extreme Q Vaporizer. If you need replacement parts or just need some extra accessories, The Arizer Vaporizer comes with a whole list of element which you can get extra at a great price. Screen packs, elbow adapter, cyclone bowl, tuff bowl, balloon kits, whip kits, mouthpiece, glass stirring tool and even a awesome case to carry everything with you wherever you might go. Check out the whole list of accessories here.

Arizer Extreme Q – Digital Control

The Arizer Vaporizer has precision control on either the click buttons or the remote control. Seriously, it really comes with a remote control. With usage you will realize that this remote actually makes this vaporizer so much easier to use. By using your remote, you can first choose to set your fan speed for 3 different types of vapor density. Second you can set your temperature exactly at the temperature needed. And third, you can program it to a automatic shut-off setting. Because of this automatization you can also use your Extreme Q Vaporizer for aromatherapy or as a oil diffuser.

arizer extreme q whip

Arizer Extreme Q – It’s All About the Tech

The Arizer uses a vertical Cyclone Bowl which helps the air distribute evenly for the best vapor taste and potency. The LCD display will show you the temperature as it is heating up and also, the preset temperature that you want to reach. The Extreme Q has a high quality heating element which reaches vaping temperatures in about 2 minutes with precision temperature control and 3 heat sensors. Also the high quality of the ceramic element helps in avoiding the buildup of toxins.

Arizer Extreme Q – Lifetime Quality

The Extreme Q heating element comes with a lifetime warranty. This is probably the longest warranty for a vaporizer element in the industry. So you can imagine the quality of this part. Also, the electronics are covered by a 3 year warranty. The only parts that are not covered are the glass accessories that come along. Well this is fair as no one can guarantee that the glass elements did not break because of your neglect. Plus, the joints on the glass pieces look a bit thin so that might be a warranty covering issue.

arizer extreme q

Arizer Extreme Q – Re-Designed

With a new, slick and compact look and the base side LED lights, this new product from Arizer is a real eye-catcher. But not only looks pop up here as the technology involved makes a lot more difference. Didn’t you ever get annoyed with that vaporizer fan sound in the background of the room? Well now it can all stop! “Extreme Q” stands for “extremely quiet”. Thus the fan is 50% more silent than the previous models and also more energy efficient.

Best Price Desktop Vaporizer

So what do you get for what price? Is it worth it?

The Arizer Vaporizer, as it stands, is probably one of the best deals on the market. At such a low price you get the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing between a balloon bag or a whip. You get the luxury of automatization with the remote control. Also, a ton of accessories plus, a lifetime warranty. I say it’s a awesome deal for the buck.

2 Piece Glass Cyclone Bowls

1 Piece Glass Aromatherapy Dish

1 Piece Aromatic Botanicals Sample

1 Piece Screen Pack (1 flat / 1 dome)

1 Piece Remote Control

2 Piece Interchangeable or Replaceable Glass Whip Mouthpieces

1 Piece Glass Stirring Tool

1 Piece 3 Foot Whip (tubing)

1 Piece Elbow Adapter

1 Piece All-Glass Mini Whip (for balloons)

2 Piece Balloons Bags with Glass Balloon Mouthpieces and O-Rings

1 Owners Manual

Best Price



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