The best soil for indoor cannabis


the best soil for indoor weed

The best soil for indoor weed

The soil is one of the most important things when you grow marijuana. It’s really simple: if you want great buds you must prepare your plant’s growth by having the best soil for indoor cannabis because the plant needs more nutrients and oxygen to grow in a nice way.

As a beginner you can buy soil that is already mixed, maybe with some additional soil additives (extra nutrients for flowering). Remember these two sentences:

      1 . The big jackpot is when you add worm castings and

  1. High quality humus is what makes your soil organic.

The organic soil must contain: guano ( not too much because it will burn the roots ), perlite ( it`s good for water and nutrient retention ), worm castings ( it`s a source of Nitrogen ), coco peat ( it retains moisture ), dolomite lime ( increases the PH of acidic soils ), vermiculate ( holds nutrients and water ).

If you want your plants to be healthier and resistant to diseases, add diverse microbes in your soil. This will make them stronger. Some growers use pesticides or chemical products, but when you`re growing organic marijuana this is out of the question. The idea is that you feed the soil, instead of the plant. This way, the PH will be automatically self-corrected. There will be no need for you to adjust it while the process of growing. The best PH is between 6.2 – 6.8. Regarding the temperature of the soil, the right balance is measured between 65-70*F (18*-24*C).

The composition of the soil must not be to dry or too wet. The roots will not receive enough oxygen if the soil is wet, while too dry soil will drain too quickly. A controlled drainage will prevent root rot, a very common marijuana disease. It is not recommended to use soil from your garden (it`s an uncontrolled environment), because it could contain pests, bugs and other diseases. Neither to use the soil from the last year (it may contain fungal spores and insects in it).

There are many ways to grow cannabis, but growing in premixed soil, in a special built indoor tent or grow box with an HPS light, now let me tell you something: it’s the best ways to start!  More advanced growers will tell you that hydroponic systems such as NFT and especially DWC (deep water culture) gives even better results than the soil does.




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