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cannabis cupBest strains to grow indoor

    When it comes to cannabis buds, the bigger the better. It’s not only better to have a finished product of a larger size because of the quantity (money), but also because bigger buds tend to have a major plus in terms of potency (better effects). The best way to grow big potent buds is to grow indoors. Growing indoors offers the grower some pretty important benefits, giving you total control on the crops. With these being said, here is our best 5 strains to grow indoors, keeping in mind that we compared every aspect of  the strains, including time elapsed from seed until  harvest, yield capacity(*yield per square foot), height and last but not  least the                                                                          quality of  the final product.

# 5. OG KUSH
The number 5 on our list is the very popular OG KUSH also known as “Original Gangster”. This strain is the southern California superstar with a level of THC up to 25%, which is a lot comparing to the majority of the strains that are commonly found. The flowering period is around 8 to 10 weeks with an average yield of 500-550 g/m2. Its’ place is well deserved in the top 5 best strains to grow indoor even though it takes a bit more knowledge to take care of this plant if you want to have great results. Some extra effort and what you get are buds that make the OG KUSH the choice of the professionals. The first taste is an earthy flavor with an aftertaste of lemon. Don’t be fooled and be warned that the instant effect can be overwhelming even for the most enthusiastic weed consumers. Consumed properly, euphoric effects are expected with some visuals and a high that might need some sleep to recover from.

#4. The Flowerbomb Kush
Number 4 in our personal charts is another weed of the Kush family, the Flowerbomb Kush. This particular strain is a cross between Green Crack and the O.G Kush and measures medium heights. Even though it’s flowering period take about 8 weeks, The Flowerbomb Kush are very large plants that offer the grower the possibility of harvesting 1 kg of dried buds per plant. The taste of this bomb is an earthy, vegetal one, with a hint of sweetness. Speaking in terms of quality, this strains definitely delivers, which is why it finds itself in our best strains to grow indoor hall of fame. Smoked, it’s a fast hitter and offers high duration of high. The result of the 70% indica 30% sativa are extremely strong effects, very relaxing to begin with, then induces the smoker more social, creative very complex way to be in a good repair. Once the plant is reaching the end of the flowering, it becomes covered of extremely thick resin. To wrap it all up, the Flower Bomb Kush is a strain that shouldn’t be neglected by any means.

#3. Critical +
Number 3 in the charts is occupied by the winner of the 1st High Life Cup in Barcelona and it’s called Critical +. This particular strain was carefully selected by a great grower from Bilbao. Critical + is the result of a cross between Big Bud and Skunk, being 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, which developed nicely into a strain that has both intense aroma and taste with a fruity skunk smell. Due to the intense smell, growers must be advised to use carbon filters to remove the smell until the buds are dried and packaged. Critical + is the sort of weed that offers a real pleasure to smoke and it doesn’t taste like burnt grass even when it’s mixed with tobacco. The strain grows like a sativa and looks like a sativa having narrow leaves, long and quite thin stems comparing with the size of the buds it gives. The Critical + plant improves production, given the fact that its’ branches are very dense with little to no space in between them. We advise the growers to control the height of the plant before flowering, because of its’ tendency to grow very fast during the vegetative period. The real potential of the Critical + is shown in the flowering period, when what seems like a sativa transforms into a super-producer plant that overcome all other strains. With a medium time flowering of 10 weeks or longer and a great and fast flower development, Critical + plants are ready to harvest in 65 to 75 days with 12 hours of light per day. With feminized seeds available and a THC percentage between 12% – 16%, the winner of High Life Cup in Barcelona deserves its place in the top 3 best strains to grow indoor.

#2. Super Silver Haze
Super Silver Haze is the ultimate cross between Skunk (25%), Northern Light (25%) and Haze (50%). This strain is the 3 time consecutive winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999, so cons regarding this strain are very hard to find. Super Silver Haze is perfect for both the grower and the consumer with an indoor yield of 450-550 grams per square meter that can be outdone easily with the proper growing technique and proper nutrients. With a high concentration of THC and big buds covered with crystals, the Super Silver Haze excels any expectation, being highly valued as a finished product. This strain is so popular that every coffee shop have this strain for sale and the customers love it.

#1. Kalashnikova
We reached our number one Grass Logic sweet spot, the Kalashnikova super strain. We’ll begin by saying that this particular strain is the superstar of the Green House seed company. Kalashnikova is the ultimate cross, between AK-47 and White Widow and there are a number of reasons why this strain won our best strains to grow indoor top 5, majorly because it offers everything a grower wants and a customer needs. From seed till harvest, Kalashnikova is ready in 8 weeks, with a production of minimum 750 grams per square foot (if the grow method is respected). It’s a strain that develops very fast and gives the best results, especially given the fact that the natural height of the plant is a medium one. The final product of this spectacular plant are huge puffy buds, full of crystals that give the consumer a complex and very social high. It is known to have a strong, lasting indica effect mixed with a very clear high, but certainly not overwhelming for the consumer. Overall we think it is the perfect strain so far, for the grower and the customers as well.



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