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You can say that your best vaporizer pen could be your best friend. Whether you use handle oils, waxes, loose-leaf marijuana or e-liquids you need a quality vape pen, adapted to your choices. Don’t try to save money and buy a cheap one, because you`ll only waste your botanical material. You have different options. Choose what`s best for your needs.






cloud penIt`s the most simple vaporizer to use : you put your wax into the atomizer, press for 5 times the button, look for the blinking light, slip on the
mouth piece and you have lift off. Usually, vaporizers have a strange glycerin scent (people around you may feel it). But this one is the best for essential oils, waxes and shatters.  The heating element used in the cloud is a small nichrome coil that tends to get hot fast. If you will use it frequently it`s battery is ideal. It lasts a very long time, almost one and a half day of heavy vaping. Also, you only need 45 minutes to fully recharge it. Comparing to other vape pens, this one is shorter, thinner and easily concealable.  If you have a small budget and you`re looking for a product that is worth the money, this is the one.





snoop-dogg-g-pen-herbal-vaporizerIt`s a solid long lasting herbal vape pen which produces a very smooth smoke. It has a big herbal tank where it fits a large amount of material. The tank is made of a stainless steel outer case, a scientifically-hardened glass sleeve, and the tank itself, where dried herbs are stored and vaporized when you press the “magic button”. This pen vaporizer is the perfect on for dry herbs. There are 2 things you may not like: 1. the vapor pen does not allow you to use oil or wax, and 2. the dried herbs could be burned if you use it for more than 15 seconds at a time. Take some breaks while you smoke. The battery lasts up to 10 hours, so it`s perfect for to carry on. A plus is the fact that is made of stainless steel and hardened glass and you don`t have to worry that you could damage it. The package comes with : 1 Rechargeable Snoop Dogg G Pen Battery, 1 Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Tank, 1 G Pen USB Charger, 1 Wall Adapter, 3 Cleaning Tips, 1 Cleaning Brush.





  1. AGO G5

What I can say about this product is that this is the quickest heating vape pen available. It works both with dry herbs and waxy oils. To prevent the combustion of dry herbs it`s recommended a glass screen. When you use wax it`s recommended to move it around. The taste is ago g5very clean and smooth and the feel is very rich, the high you receive using it is great and it doesn’t taste anything combusted for the first hits you take. You can monitor the battery charge and also the number of puffs you take between charges on the LCD display. You only have to
hold the button for 2 seconds. It heats up very fast and the vapor comes out directly. The herbs are heated evenly because the chamber is closed, and the amount of aromas released is very small. The first charge must be at least 6 hours, because this will increase the future life. There is though one problem: when overfilling the chamber with hash, it tends to “melt” on itself after the first hit, blocking the pipe and limiting the draw. You just have to turn it on, until all the residue burns to ash and falls out easily. If you are comfortable with that, this is the perfect product for you.





snoop-dogg-g-penIf you don`t want to attract attention over you when smoking, the G-Pen is what you need. It looks like a pen or electronic cigarette and it doesn`t produce smoke or odor. This product is useful for oils and/or concentrates only.  Don`t even try to vaporize dry botanicals because it will damage the heating element. Because the heating chamber is very small, you can`t get more than 3-4 very large draws from each filling. But on the other side, taking in consideration it`s shape and dimensions it`s not necessarily a minus. Use regularly the cleaning brush and you will keep it clean over time. Be careful when you put it in the pocket; you must press the button 5 times to lock it. Otherwise it will start heating in your pocket. The great looks is supported by Snoop Dogg.







skycloud vaporizerThe Sky Cloud comes with 3 different atomizers, compatible with wax, oil concentrates and dry herbs. The fact that you can simply replace the atomizers is a great thing.  The package contains also one mouth piece, one usb charger, one fill tool, and a skycloud battery, which is very efficient; it lasts for several days and you only need two, two and a half hours to re-charge it. The SkyCloud wax chamber is large enough to pack one full dose of dry herbs (about 0.3 grams) that will give you hours of vaping enjoyment, without having to reload the vape pen.  Even though it may take a little longer to heat up, when you use dry herbs, the vape pen may get hot and cause combustion. To avoid this you must buy glass screens.  This vape pen is a very affordable one and the quality is the best.




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