Bong Elements on Clear Glass Pipes

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Bong Elements on Clear Glass Pipes Weed Star

Made out of clear, borosilicate glass with hurricane patterned glass accents on the percolator and mouthpiece these Bong Elements on clear glass pipes  are a beauty.

The Weed Star Deep Inline Handpipe is one lean, mean, chilling machine. Featuring a inline 7 hole percolator, this pipe will cool down and filter your smoke before you inhale. Manufactured by Weed Star Glass, the pipe has a length of 7 inches (18cm) and a height of 5.9 inch (15cm). Also two legs are positioned at the front, so it will always sit upright when placed on a flat surface.

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Bong Elements on Clear Glass Pipes Sherlock Handpipe

Made out of high quality, clear, borosilicate glass and a comfortable feel in hand, this pipe, is not only beautiful but also useful.

The Glass Sherlock Handpipe with Maria on Stem is one high quality pipe. Made in the USA it features a removable glass-on-glass bowl with glass rollstoppers. The handpipe is available in two joint sizes 14.5mm and 18.8mm. When you order it’s all up to you what you choose. Because these pipes are individually hand-made by artists in the Oregon collective, each pipe will be unique. There will be slight differences, but the overall design.will stay the same. The Sherlock hand pipe is 6 inch (15.2cm) in length and is shipped from the USA.

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