Cannabis Price per Gram in Different Countries

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What is the cannabis price per gram around the world?

[/fusion_title][fusion_text]As you may know, the price for 1 gram of cannabis varies from country to country. And this involves many factors which include its legal status. In a state where cannabis is legal, a gram should be cheaper than in a state where it’s illegal. The climate also contributes to the price. Thus a colder climate will also suggest a more expensive gram of cannabis.

Let’s See the Price for 1 Gram in Several Countries:


Jamaica | Afganistan | India | France | Greece| United Kingdom | Germany | Brazil | Australia | South Africa | Saudi Arabia | China

Jamaica 30 USD per gram / 80 USD per ounce


You are probably reading this price twice, but I can assure you that it’s true. If you want to buy per gram in Vineyard, Kingston it will set you off as much as $30 for the highest quality cannabis. Much more than any other country. But if you buy medium quality cannabis and that from Montego Bay, Saint James the “dealers” will only sell from half an ounce upwards. And one ounce will cost you 80$. Much better? I’d say yes.

Afghanistan 4-5 USD per gram



Best known as the world’s largest producers of opium its also one of the largest producer of cannabis. With such mass production they can keep their prices low. Afghanistan is estimated to harvest every year between 2000 and 3000 tones of marijuana. Mostly turned into hashish.

India 7-10 USD per gram



Despite the fact that marijuana is not legal in India, it is highly tolerated and used in traditional ceremonies. The price for 1 G will vary depending on the quality and the dealer. Anyway, the prices are lower than in the US or Europe. If you’re traveling to India and want to buy some, better ask a taxi driver or a bartender.

France between 10 – 20 EUR per gram


Possession, growing, buying and selling of marijuana in France is illegal and not tolerated by the authorities. If you are new in France, and you want yo buy cannabis, be careful. It’s better to do this around bars, while taking a look for cops. France is full of cannabis and hashish, so I’m sure you’ll find it easy.

Greece between 10 – 16 EUR per gram


It you’re taking a vacation in Greece and you want to smoke some cannabis, it’s not that hard. Greece is full of weed and hashish. The best are the Greek buds, a little more expensive than regular weed. For a regular gram of cannabis the price is 10 – 12 EUR, and for the Greek buds, is 16 – 20 EUR. If you have no dealer, no problem, just ask carefully, in city squares or bars because police is everywhere.

United Kingdom 9 – 25 USD per gram


In the United Kingdom, marijuana is considered a class B drug, so smoking or possession is not considered a criminal act. The cops are permissive on your first strike, thus you will receive a warning. Just don’t get caught the second time because it’s going to be be worse. You’ll get a fine on the spot or they can even send you to court. You can buy from specific places like Camden Town in London, or just ask around in bars. Dealers mostly sell by eighths, so you have to get used to that. Smoking in public is not allowed, so it’s better to smoke in a safe area, or best at home.

Germany 10 – 15 USD per gram


Cannabis is tolerated in Germany, but only in small amounts like 10-12 grams and for personal use. If you want to buy something good in Germany, try the hashish or the skunk varieties. You can ask people in bars, squares and casinos, but be aware of who you’re asking. You can also smoke in public if you need too, but only in parks and far from children. But keep in mind that only works in certain regions.

Brazil between 8 – 15 USD per gram


Cannabis is illegal under every circumstance and in any amount. Brazilian authorities are very strict when it comes to cannabis, so be careful. Despite the law, cannabis (ganja) is very easy to find in Brazil. Almost everyone smokes, or know someone who smokes. If you want good quality weed, try asking in bars, clubs or on the beach. Observe the people, before asking for weed. When you find the right one, go straight to him but be discreet, there are many undercover cops. If you want you can negotiate with dealers for higher amounts.

Australia between 10 – 20 USD per gram


Australia has not decriminalized the possession of small amounts of weed yet, so be careful. The cops can be very harsh with you. Don’t try to bribe them, it will be worse. If you’re traveling and want some weed relaxation, better find a buddy who can get you some. If you don’t know anyone, try to ask in bars or clubs, better ask teenagers or young people. Being discreet is the only rule in there, you don’t wanna screw your vacation.

South Africa 1 – 6 USD per gram


South Africa has very harsh laws for those caught with cannabis. On your first strike you’ll only get a fine, but if they catch you again, they can even take you to jail. The law applies more often for dealers around there. The authorities are more permissive with the tourists, but anyway be careful and don’t underestimate them. If you want to buy something, the best way is to ask the “rasta man” around . Don’t bargain too much because you will get nothing. The prices are very good and the weed is high quality. The most common is Swazi Gold, from Swaziland. The best quality cannabis is 6$ a gram, but they rarely sell it this way. Better buy more and they will give you a better price.

Saudi Arabia between 10 – 17 USD per gram


In Saudi Arabia marijuana is very hard to find, but hashish is everywhere. Despite that, you have to be very careful, the Islamic laws are very strict when it comes to drugs. The best way to find something to smoke here is at the Aramco Compound. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shot, because cops are everywhere. Avoid crowds, and have the number of your embassy in case of emergency. If you’ve obtained the weed or hashish, smoke it in your room, and don’t let anyone know.

China between 8-20 USD per gram


In China, smoking cannabis is not permitted by law, but as a foreigner, the authorities might close an eye for you. Despite that, good quality cannabis is not easy to find. Mostly, they sell some low-grade weed which gives you headaches. If you want some good stuff, you can discreetly ask in pubs, or a friend of a friend. Don’t scare yourself if the price is high, in China that’s just how it works. And don’t forget that the dealer also wants his little cut of weed which you paid for.

Please comment on any known legislative changes in the stated countries. Or any other facts regarding acquisition, consumption or interesting facts you’ve encountered.



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