The CannaCloud Vaporizer


From the Marijuana Business Convention held in Las Vegas we came to find out some information about CannaKorp Systems.

CannaKorp Systems

The company was founded in 2014, as their CEO explained, Cannakorp has a experienced team behind it, with a track record of huge success.They got together and tried to improve the consumers and patients experience of using medical cannabis. Great names came up in this company, such as Dave Manly, the Chairman (a retired senior vice president at Keurig, after helping the company rise up to over $5 billion annual revenues from $50 million), James Vinokur as the CEO & Co-Founder, Michael Bourque as Co-Founder and Investor, and many other that got together to share their vision for the identical purpose (the company is still looking for investors and partners).

Cannakorp was founded mostly for the medical cannabis users. By using innovative technologies, Cannakorp, made a system that would control the efficacy as well the quality of the medical cannabis from the growers to the places it will be used.

The Cannakorp concept led to their product, a single-serving marijuana vaporizer system at the press of a single little button.

CannaCloud Vaporizer

The-CannaCloud-Vaporizer-statementThe product is named CannaCloud Vaporizer, many people are calling the product the : “Keurig for marijuanna”. Just as a keurig does, the CannaCloud was produced to bring ease-of-use to the marijuana vaporizer industry. As mentioned the CannaCloud vaporizer and the Keurig are very similar, that is because the company’s two senior executives used to work at Keurig.

As they explained,the concept of CannaCloud is to bring the constancy of a K cup to the marijuana industry.

How does it work?

Forget about the normal vaporizer, CannaCloud helps you take your dose within 60 seconds of firing it up.

Very easy to use, you just have to insert a measured cup of marijuana into a little container then you just have to push the button and wait less than 60 seconds for the container to heat up and fill itself with vapors. The top of the container has a plastic mouthpiece(with a one-way valve) that you have to use for breathing in the vapor.

You have your choices in CannaCloud Cups such as many types of sativa, indica hybrid and CBD strains.The pods are promising you a great experience because of the fresh aroma, the pods being pre-ground cannabis flowers that are sealed up to keep the freshness and aroma that you will certainly enjoy. A single-use pod contains about 0.4 g of marijuana and it’s expected to cost $9.99.


The CannaCloud vaporizer will be available to purchase in the early 2017 and it is expected to cost around $149. So we just have to wait a little more.



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