CannaTech Conference in Israel 2016 powered by iCAN

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Credits: iCAN


iCAN is an Israeli enterprise that enables international, world class innovation methods for the industry of cannabis.

The enterprise is actively involved in identifying and accelerating cannabis technologies in Israel, it has combined both the private entities and the public to create innovative global brands to power the cannabis economy.

The healing potential of medical cannabis has brought together the iCan team, social entrepreneurs with backgrounds in Hi-Tech, Agrotech, Pharma, Marketing, Finance, Journalism and Social Reform.
The Founders and CEO of iCan are: Saul Kaye and Jason Ryker.

Saul Kaye

With 20 years experience as a Retail Pharmacist he understands the customer service and the value of a good product. Wishing to make a change in the world he is using his experience to improve the cannabis industry.

Jason Ryker

Became the Founder CEO at iCan after being a Medical Cannabis Advocate for many years because of his health issues. Using his background as a Financial Strategy Consultant, Operations Manager and EPM Solution he wants to bring in investors that will help with the research and product standards.

Clifton Flack

As a Co Founder CMO, he is using his experience as a High-Tech Marketer in finding new ways that will lead to a profitable local economy, thinking that “Cannabis is the next big reason for innovation”.

Daniel Goldstein

Brings in more than 15 years of experience in marketing, communications and operations, now being the COO of the enterprise.

Sari Klaff

As the Product Manager for iCAN, she uses her experience as a Technical Publications Manager to improve the idea of the cannabis usage to the public.

Sarah Zadok

As an Educator and Public Speaker, she occupies the Content and Community seat on the iCan team managing the content, digital assets and prints.

Joshua Berman

Occupies the Business Development chair in the enterprise, with a 10 years experience as a Customer Sales Manager he wants to unite Israel with the rest of the global market through the cannabis industry.

Yarin Welstman

Has a big interest in the industry. By being a part of the team she is coined as the chief iCAN “millennial”. Using her leadership skills to help Israel advocacy through business.

What is the CannaTech Conference?

CannaTech is an event made to convey the global cannabis ecosystem together in one place. CannaTech is more like a community of professionals who gathered to work on changing the world’s perception of cannabis and to bring extraordinary products and services on the global market. CannaTech presentations provide the space for collaboration between many fields for the international cannabis industry leaders.

CannaTech is more like a group of social entrepreneurs with experience in the fields of Pharma, Hi-Tech, Agrotech, Finance, Marketing and Journalism, they are passionate about accelerating the cannabis innovation.

When, Why and How?

The first CannaTech conference took place in the winter of 2015 in Tel Aviv. It was a total success, the conference generated international interest and created demand for a cannabis summit focused on accelerating the cannabis technology. Because of the massive success of 2015, they held the conference this year too.

This year the conference took place in march. It was a three days conference that included an entire day Cannabis Summit with internationally recognized experts & industry leaders in the fields of science, patient care, medicine, investment and entrepreneurship.

The First Day

Took place Tel Aviv, location: Sheva. The day started with a keynote from the world renowned Professor Raphael Mechoulam which is also the conference chairman.The professor is known for contributions brought to the cannabis research and discoveries. The rest of the day was filled by progressive minds from the industry, all leaders in respective cannabis fields. The day ended with a CannaTech Pitch Event which was enjoyed over cocktails and networking.

The Second Day

Took place in Jerusalem, location: The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Jerusalem being the birthplace of THC as well the home of Professor Mechoulam and his team. Throughout the day, more facts about the science and medicine combined with patient testimony were presented and we got to find out more about agriculture from Israel’s leading cannabis growers and innovators.

CannaTech-Conference-in-Israel-2016-statementOn Day Three

The participants got to see The Holy Land by a bus tour which also took them to the dead sea plus a fancy dinner at the end of the day.

The participants were very impressed with the conference saying that they learned a lot and that their hopes are high, hoping that medical marijuana will help all people, world wide.
Here is one of the statements we got from a participant:

We are expecting you at CannaTech 2017!




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