Clear Glass Fumed Steamroller Pipe

fumed steamroller pipe blue

Fumed Steamroller Pipe Blue

Made from high quality, fumed borosilicate glass with blue color work and clear marble magnifiers, this fumed steamroller pipe is a beautiful addition to your smoking accessories.

The Blue Color Design, Clear with Fume Steamroller Pipe is a great, high quality, USA made pipe. The fumed glass evolves over time with buildup and heat but if you like it as is, a good cleanup should do the job of bringing it back to its original color. Each pipe is individually, hand-blown so each piece you receive will be unique with slight differences in patterns. But will keep the same overall design.

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fumed steamroller pipe green

Fumed Steamroller Pipe Green

Made from high quality borosilicate glass, fumed with green color work this 7 inch (17.8 cm) steamroller will treat you right with every use.

The Green Color design, Clear with Fume, Steamroller Pipe is made in the USA and ships from the USA. This pipe is made with fumed glass so the color evolves in time. By cleaning you get it back to it’s original look so you can observe it change again.

This steamroller is individually made by hand so you get a unique pipe every time. The pipes will have small differences in patterns but the overall design will be the same.

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fumed steamroller pipe red

Fumed Steamroller Pipe Red

Made of high quality borosilicate glass with red color work and fumed glass plus clear glass magnifiers, makes this pipe a beautiful high quality steamroller.

The Red, Clear with Fume and Color Design Steamroller Pipe is another USA made quality steamroller. This 7 inch (17.8 cm) pipe is made of fumed glass. In this case, the color will also evolve in time. But cleaning will bring it back to the original state.

All pipes are hand made by an Oregon collective so each pipe will be unique. The difference can be seen in slight variations in its patterns but the overall design is kept.

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