Clear, Pink and Purple Lady Bubblers by Blaze Glass

Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-O-R-B-with-D-D-P-1 Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-O-R-B-with-D-D-P-1
Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-O-R-B-with-D-D-P-2 Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-O-R-B-with-D-D-P-2

Ladies, this bubbler was specially created for you to smoke your favorite concentrates and essentials oils. With an elegant design and purple accents, all made from borosilicate glass, this bubbler comes with a built-in recycler and a built-in diffuser downstem. The built in diffuser downstem has three holes that filter the smoke and break it into tiny bubbles allowing it to go in the recycler which will filter it again for a smoother hit.

The mouthpiece is bent, allowing you to be cozy whilst using it.

Manufactured by Blaze Glass, it measures 5.1 inch (13 cm) and has a 10 mm joint size.

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Blaze-Glass-Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler-ddp-cm-1 Blaze-Glass-Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler-ddp-cm-1
Blaze-Glass-Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler-ddp-cm-2 Blaze-Glass-Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler-ddp-cm-2

The Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler with Diffuser Downstem is an oil rig specially made for ladies to be chic whilst smoking their favorite concentrates or essential oils. It has an awesome design, curved tube and pink recycler and downstem. Also it comes with a built-in recycler and a bulit-in three hole diffuser downstem. It’s small sized (4.3 inch/11cm) and can be easily hold and carried.

Manufactured by Blaze Glass, it comes in a complete set with a 10 mm female vapor dome and glass nail.

Made from clear borosilicate glass with pink accents.

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Blaze-Glass-Bubbler-with-Slitted-Diffuser-Disc-1 Blaze-Glass-Bubbler-with-Slitted-Diffuser-Disc-1
Blaze-Glass-Bubbler-with-Slitted-Diffuser-Disc-2 Blaze-Glass-Bubbler-with-Slitted-Diffuser-Disc-2

The Bubbler with Slitted Diffuser Disc is a classic, with a elegant touch design. Due to its design it’s perfect for to be held in hand and with that bent mouthpiece you can enjoy a hit whilst lying on the couch.

It may seem fragile, but it isn’t. Made from clear borosilicate glass, it has a massive round base and a classic cylinder tube. Buit-in the tube we have a recycler and a slitted downstem diffuser that will gave you the satisfaction of a cold, full, fragrance smoke.

Manufactured by Blaze Glass, it measures 8.6 inch and has a bowl with a 18.8 mm joint size specially designed for smoking concentrates and essential oils.

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