Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer – Herb and Wax

    Herb + Wax
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • 5 sec Heat Up
    • Includes a Range of Atomizers
    • LED button
    Micro USB Charger

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cloud pen 3.0 vaporizer pen herb wax

Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer Company Profile

cloud pen 3.0 vaporizer black side

The Cloud Pen trademark was founded in 2012 in Orange County, California by Heavy Essential Oil experts now being owned by Full Circle, Inc

Full Circle, Inc is a LA company runed by by Brett Albanese. It was founded in 2012 when it quickly become one of the most important herb and wax vaporizer company in the world. And all of this mostly due to the Cloud Pen trademark.

The Cloud Pen has become popular because of it’s high grade construction and design. Plus the company states their reputation on the quality of its penz by offering a high end support, refunds and even replacements.

Full Circle, Inc together with the Cloud Pen line secure their place in the ever-growing vaporizer business by applying for patents mostly related to the batteries and atomizer parts of the vaporizer. The atomizer is actually the heating element which produces the vapor and connects the mouthpiece to the battery. Also pending patents have been issued on the micro-USB batteries one one line of pens.

Cloud Pen 3.0 is an impressive and innovative device that comes with many features you are for sure looking for in a pen. You absolutely need this pen if you want to get a high-grade, pure vapor.

The real difference between the Cloud Pen and other pens is the fact that the Cloud team has put much efforts into creating this special device. This is a masterpiece vape kit that will probably be one of the most popular vape pens on the market.

Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer Innovative Technology and Precision

The Cloud Pen uses high end technology and materials in the construction of the pen in order for you to entirely vaporize the content of the atomizer without burning. The vaporization process should only heat up the elements to the temperature needed for them to turn to gas and not to ignite. With the Cloud Pen 3.0 vaporizer you get efficient vaporization of herbs waxes, concentrates and oils.

For the manufacturing of this Cloud Pen, innovative titanium technology was used. Also the fact that the atomizers are hand made gives you a high precision when wrapping the titanium coils around the wick, this will result in a great absorption, getting you multiple dab pulls instead of just one.

cloud pen 3.0 vaporizer on side

Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer Battery

The greatest part of the Cloud Pen 3.0 vaporizer is the battery that will last over four hours even if it is used non-stop and we all know that the battery is a very important part of a vaporizer. The batteries charge on USB ports so you can use these chargers anywhere since there is a USB plug-in everywhere these days. The lack of a good battery will make the experience not so great and the vaporizing quality will be not so good because a bad battery leads to weak pulls and short vape sessions. With the Cloud Pen you won’t have this problems, you will have the best sessions and be sure that the titanium metal that is wrapped around the silica wick by hand will take your sessions to a higher quality.

Compared to the older version the 3.0 has double the battery energy allowing you to pull long tokes of up to 25 seconds. Also it will let you know when the battery is almost out at 10%.

cloud pen 3.0 vaporizer accessories

Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer Genuine Product

Just make sure when you buy a Cloud Pen vape kit that it is made in the USA, because those kits are the authentic ones. They also come with a serial number that will ensure the product is genuine. Stay away from the products made in China, those are not the authentic ones and you will shortly have issues with them.

Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer Design and Construction

Made out of metallic hold, the Cloud Pen is really elegant. Its outside structure is made from a heat safe plastic and the inside is made out of ceramic glass and stainless steel. Creating a high level of performance and a high precision dabbing and vaping is the fact that the atomizer is made out of titanium and the glass globe contains Pyrex glass. Another great feature of the Cloud Pen is that the pen has a low battery indicator light that will show you when you have 10% or less battery life by turning red.

The Cloud Penz 3.0 vaporizer is an impressive dabbing vaporizer kit great for your oils, waxes and concentrates using a powerful battery so you can have long lasting vape sessions. It is easy to use and you will for sure have a great experience!

cloud pen 3.0 vaporizer case

This is what you get with your Cloud Pen 3.0 vaporizer:

1 piece 650 mAh Battery

1 piece Dual Ceramic Coil Atomizer

1 piece Vertical Ceramic Rod Atomizer

1 piece Dry Herb Atomizer

1 piece Cloud Atlas 1.0 Glass Attachment

5 pieces  Mouthpiece

1 piece Wax C-Tensil 1 piece Dry Herb C-Tensil

1 piece Silicone Jar

1 piece Disposable Alcohol Wipe

1 Charger Adapter

1 piece  Micro USB Cord

1 piece Cloud Pen Sticker

1 piece Authenticity Card

1User Manual

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