Cold Filtered Smoke up to 3X by Grace Glass

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2-12arm-perc-2 2-12arm-perc-2
2-12arm-perc-3 2-12arm-perc-3
2-12arm-perc-4 2-12arm-perc-4
2-12arm-perc-5 2-12arm-perc-5
2-12arm-perc-6 2-12arm-perc-6
2-12arm-perc-7 2-12arm-perc-7
2-12arm-perc-8 2-12arm-perc-8

Made of 7 mm clear borosilicate glass, with clear glass beads under the comfortable mouthpiece, this bong has a simple but great looking design. To emphasize „great looking” I think that the glass beads and the Grace Glass logo are a real eye catcher.

The Grace Glass 7 mm Straight Cylinder Ice Bong with 2x 12 arm Tree Percolator and 6 arm Percolator Diffuser is surely in the Grace Glass Heavy Weight category. If you’re looking for a sturdy bong that delivers the softest full flavored smoke you’re in the right place. This thick 7 mm borosilicate glass will last you forever. That, off course, if you don’t drop it on concrete. To achieve such softness the water pipe uses 2x 12 arm percolators and a 6 arm percolator diffuser. This combination of elements work together in order to create thousands of bubles which easily filter and cool down the smoke. Even more, this is a ice bong, so you can fit in a few ice cubes and get the maximum chilled softness of a heavy weight champion. This bong is 20.9 inch (53 cm) high and has a 50 mm diameter. In this case all that softness comes în a big hit. Get ready to enjoy a cool, soft punch from the Grace Glass Streight Cylinder Ice Bong.

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3-12arm-perc-1 3-12arm-perc-1
3-12arm-perc-2 3-12arm-perc-2
3-12arm-perc-3 3-12arm-perc-3
3-12arm-perc-4 3-12arm-perc-4
3-12arm-perc-5 3-12arm-perc-5
3-12arm-perc-6 3-12arm-perc-6
3-12arm-perc-7 3-12arm-perc-7
3-12arm-perc-8 3-12arm-perc-8
3-12arm-perc-9 3-12arm-perc-9

Still made out of quality heat-proof, clear, 7 mm borosilicate glass with embedded glass beads and a cool Grace Grass logo. Simple but still an eye catcher.

The Grace Glass 7 mm Straight Cylinder Ice Bong with 3x 12 arm Tree Percolator and 6 arm Tree Percolator Diffuser is the undisputed heavy weight champion. When you thought it couldn’t get better, here it comes. Not 2 but 3x 12 arm perc and a 6 arm perc diffuser for that cold smooth, full flavored hit. If 2x the cool down and filtration wasn’t enough, here you go, power times 3. This bong will create thousands and thousand of bubbles for your precious lungs. But this is not all. Again, this is a ice bong too so just fit some cubes inside and chill it even more. Now this is the real undisputed champion off chill. At 26.8 inch (68 cm) and a 50 mm diameter this water pipe is a monster! Get ready and get high with the power of the Grace Glass undisputed champion.

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