Colored Steamroller Pipes Made in The USA

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Fumed with Color Wrap Steamroller Pipes Made USA

Using a fumed glass with color artwork in red, blue or green these 5 inch (12.7 cm) pipes are small enough to be taken everywhere with you. Plus you’ll have a hand-made artwork to impress your friends, every time.

The Fumed with Color Warp and Art Steamroller Pipe comes in a choice of 3 colors. Made out of high quality borosilicate glass with color warp artwork these pipes are not only sturdy but beautiful.

Fumed glass is used in it’s construction so the color of your pipe will evolve with usage. If you like it as it comes, a good cleanup will bring it back to its original state. Each pipe is individually hand blown so you will receive a unique pipe every time. There might be small differences in it’s pattern but the overall design will be the same.

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Steamroller Pipes Made USA green

Green Glass Steamroller Pipes Made USA

Made out of high quality, green borosilicate glass with beautiful white marbles and rollstoppers this steamroller pipe is a eye-catcher.

The Green Glass with White marbles, Steamroller Pipe is a beautiful steamroller made in the USA. This pipe gives you the option of a really strong hit. By covering the hole, at the end of the pipe, with your hand while filling up the tube with smoke and then releasing, while you pull, you’ll get a mind blowing hit.

The pipe comes in two sizes, 5 or 6 inch for a even bigger hit. Because it is hand blown by artists in an Oregon collective, each pipe will be unique with small difference in patterns but with a same overall design.

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Steamroller Pipes Made USA light green

10 Inch Green Glass Steamroller Pipes Made USA

Made from high quality, see-through green, borosilicate glass with awesome white marbles and green rollstoppers, this beauty will surely satisfy any smokers craving for a big hit.

The 10 inch, Green Glass with white Marbles, Steamroller pipe, is a beautiful monster. At 10 inch (25.4 cm) in size, this pipe will give you a huge strong hit. O course, if you decide that is what you want. Fill the tube with smoke while holding your hand at the end of the pipe. Then release for a strong dizzying hit.

All pipes are individually hand blown by an Oregon collective so each pipe will be unique. The patterns might vary slightly but the overall design will stay the same.

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