Cool Affordable Clear Glass Pipes

Brazil Clear Glass Pipe

Clear Glass Pipes – Rasta

This unique clear glass pipes are handmade in Brazil. It is thin and efficient, just perfect for your herbs.

The pipe features a rasta head and a wooden hand, underneath the bowl, sculpted in wood by Brazilian artists.

Made from high-quality, heat resistant, borosilicate glass and it measures 3.1 inch (8 cm). Due to its size it can be easily carried around.

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Spiral Clear Glass Pipes

Clear Glass – Cool Design

This insane glass pipe has an incredible design. With the bowl on top, the tube is swirling down and then ends higher, in a comfortable mouthpiece. Due to its shape, it has a stable bottom and can be easily placed on the table.

Made from heat resistance, high-quality, clear, borosilicate glass, the pipe is a sturdy 4.3 inch (11 cm) pipe.

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Clear Glass Pipes – Glass Blunt

Running out of time and you want to smoke a fat blunt? No blunt paper? No problem.

This glass blunt comes to your help. All you need to do, is slide out the inner tube, fill it with your favorite herb, light it up …and…tadam! Quick and easy, clean smoke in a few seconds. You like vaping more? You can also smoke concentrates or essential oils. Light from underneath, inhale and have a good time.

Manufactured by Grav Labs, this glass blunt measures 3 inch (7.5 cm) when collapsed. It’s made from high-quality heat resistant borosilicate glass and features the Grav Labs logo on the tube.

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Traveler Clear Glass Pipes

Clear Glass – Baby Bong

This crazy pipe is actually a little bong. It has a stable, simple cylinder tube with a pipe like designed bowl and a downstem attached, waiting to hold your favorite herb. A bent mouthpiece makes this 4 inch (10 cm) bong complete. It works like a normal bong, but in a smaller version. With it, also comes a black leather bag, perfect for travelling.

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Freezer Clear Glass Pipes

Clear Glass Pipes – Ice Cold

That’s an interesting one! This pipe comes with a non-freezing liquid inside, this allows you to cool the smoke of your favorite herbs on a hot day. Just put it in the freezer for 15 minutes and you can enjoy the cool, flavorful smoke. You prefer vaping? No problem. Just light it underneath, and inhale the cooled smoke of your concentrates or oils.

Made from heat resistant high-quality borosilicate glass, the pipe measures 4 inch (10 cm).

Advice: Don’t leave it longer than 20 min in the freezer because of glass breakage danger.

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