Cool Design Bubblers at a Affordable Price by Black Leaf

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The Black Leaf Glass Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler with Diffused Downstem has a pear shape base with a round spacious bowl. It’s made from clear borosilicate glass and has the recycle logo attached right above the base, black-green colored.

The bubbler contains a built-in diffuser downstem with three holes to filter the smoke and break it up into small bubbles, allowing it to travel from the main chamber into the built-in recycler. There it’s filtered once again before going up to the mouthpiece where it offers a gentle full-flavored hit. The built-in recycler also keeps the water cool by permanently recycling it through the chambers.

Also, the bent mouthpiece allows you to be cozy, maybe watching a movie whilst taking a hit.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, this bubbler is specially made for smoking concentrates and essential oils. Measuring 7.5 inches (19 cm), with a 14.5 mm female glass vapor dome and a glass nail it’s just perfect for an every-day use.

Remember, the glass nail must only be heated on top, otherwise it can break if the glass expands from the heat!

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The Black Leaf – 8-arm Perc Glass Bubbler with Hurricane Mouthpiece comes with an elegant and curved compact design. It’s made from high-quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass, with a hurricane pattern on mouthpiece and a subtle black logo. The hurricane pattern is hand-made and can have various colors.

The bubbler features 8 slitted percolators with an additional wide-one for a high volume of bubbles to get you even more stoned.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, the bubbler measures 10.8 inches (27.5 cm) with an 18.8 mm joint size which comes with a large bowl with rollstoppers. The roll stoppers obstructs the bowl from accidentally rolling down and therefor cracking.

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]The Black Leaf – Sunny Afternoon Inline Perc Glass Bubbler is a lazy bubbler for a lazy stoner. Because of its tube-based design it won’t stand up, so you must hold it in hand, fact that makes it more unique.

The smoke is diffused through the 12-slit in-line percolator and pulled directly into the long stem.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, the bubbler measures 9.9 inch (25 cm) with a 14.5 mm bowl size.

The bowl and one of its chambers has a wonderful colored hurricane made by hand. It also has a Black Leaf logo applied along the base, colored with black and gold.

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