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Crafty vaporizer review


Crafty Vaporizer Review


  • Herb + Wax
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 60 sec Heat Up Time
  • Bluetooth App Temperature Control
  • Best Vapor Smoke Production
  • Ultra-Low Draw Resistance
  • Very Efficient Heat Exchange
  • One Button Control
  • Durable Design

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Company Profile

Storz and Bickel has been a leader in the vaporizing world for a long time now. Its founder Markus Storz began its development in 1995, after the development of its first vaporizer called the Volcano. In August 2000, Markus filed a patent for his invention of the heating as a heat exchanger for the “Hot Air Extraction Inhalers”. In the same year, they founded the “Vapormed Inhalatoren” and they began the sale of the Volcano. In March 2005, the Storz and Bickel America Inc. was founded and its headquarters were based in Oakland, CA.

Today, the Storz and Bickel Company is famous worldwide for its premium portable vaporizers, such as the Crafty Vaporizer and the Mighty Vaporizers. They also manufacture desktop vapes, such the original classic Volcano and Digit Volcano all thet made the company popular since 2002. By manufacturing, the best vaporizers in both Germany and United States, the company remains a leader in vapes and continues to maintain a focus on efficiency and quality. Storz and Bickel vaporizers are also some of the best selling vaporizers in the UK since 2016.


The Storz and Bickel Company manufactures both portable and desktop vapes. Some of their most popular vaporizers include:

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer which is one of the most popular desktop vaporizers on the market. It comes in two variants: the Volcano Classic Vaporizer and the Volcano Digital Vaporizer. The volcano vaporizer produces vapor via the hot air convection heating system that results to high quality vapor and flavor. It has a heating system made from high quality iron and strong air pump. The vaporizer is housed beautifully in a brushed metallic cone with a large digital LED display on the front side of the device. The vaporizer was developed in 2007 in Tuttlingen, Germany.

The Storz and Bickel Company refers to the Volcano Vaporizer as the Mercedes Benz of vaporizers. It weighs about 4lbs (1.8kg) and is made up of high quality metals and other heat resistant materials. The Vaporizer comes with three years that covers most of the repairs. The Volcano Vaporizer is the only vape in the world that is certified by ISO quality standards and meets the U.S. Nationally Testing Laboratory (NRTL) standards.

Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty is a portable hybrid convection vape much like the Crafty. Both vaporizers share similar design aesthetics with the foldable mouthpiece on top, matte black finish and ribbed body. However, the Mighty is much larger both in height and width. This makes it less portable than the Crafty. In terms of on-board control, the Mighty comes with a fire button and sufficient space to include an LED screen to display critical info, such as battery life and temperature as well as additional buttons.

The Mighty is quite easy to use. It comes with a Filling Aid that makes it easy to fill your herbs. The vaporizer can hold up to 0.3 grams of dry herbs, depending on how grind your material is. The Mighty uses a hybrid heating system that uses both convection and conduction heating.
The pre-heating uses conduction, while the rest of the way uses the convection method.

Temperature can be set anywhere between 105 to 410 degrees. The exact dimensions of the Mighty are 5.5 inches Height by 3.2 inches length by 1.2 inches depth and weighs about 230 grams. The mighty is actually one of the biggest portable vaporizers on the market. By comparison, the Crafty is about 140 grams, the Pax 2 weighs about 90 grams and the Crafty weighs about 135 grams. The Mighty only has two years of manufacturer warranty and retails for about $349.

Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty is another popular desktop vaporizer by the Storz and Bickel Company. It is so small and portable that it could be referred to as a portable vaporizer. However, it certainly has the power of a “desktop vape”! The Plenty is not designed in the same way as most desktop vaporizers do. You need to hold onto it in order to vape. The vaporizer heats up as soon as you turn it on and after you set your desired temperature. The device can attain a temperature range of up to 395 degree and thus, it can get quite hot for a hand held unit. There is a warning label plastered on the vaporizer to let you know when you need to keep your hands away from it.

One of the amazing features about the Plenty Vaporizer is that it produces massive vapor. No other vaporizer can compare to the Plenty when it comes to vapor. It is ideal for those who love inhaling large amounts of vapor at once. All this is made possible by its advance heating unit. The vaporizer comes with three years of warranty and retails for about $249 USD.

Crafty Vaporizer

The Crafty is everything you could ever want in an on the go vaporizer. It is a sleek and slim vaporizer that is big on quality and flavor. The Crafty is small and lightweight and uses full convection hot air. Even though Crafty is a compact vaporizer, it still offers the same performance you would expect from the brand and its signature products. The vaporizer is powered by a Lithium-ion battery and heats up automatically until it attains the default temperature.

Just like other similar portable vaporizers in its class, the Crafty comes with a Crafty app that allows you to adjust temperatures as well as change other settings of the device.

The Vapor quality of the Crafty is outstanding. Despite the fact that it comes with a plastic mouthpiece, there is no plastic flavor in the vapor and vapor is cool, smooth and surprisingly satisfying. The unit is remarkably easy to use. The one button on the outside of the unit is used to switch the unit one and switch between basic and booster temperatures. The device comes with two years of warranty. Overall, crafty is a perfect vaporizer. The Crafty currently retails at $279 USD. Here is a comprehensive Crafty Vaporizer Review.
Crafty Vaporizer Review: Top Features

Crafty Design


crafty vaporizer review best quality

The look and feel of the Crafty is very pleasing, both to the eye and to the touch. The outer casing is some kind of rigid plastic material and most of it is vented, making it to almost resemble a heat sink. My guess is that this design, helps the unit to dissipate any heat generated, so that it does not get too hot to hold when vaping. The unit is extremely lightweight, weighing approximately 135 grams. Its shape is pretty ergonomic, and its vented design actually enables you to grip it better compared to some other vapes that have really smooth finishes.

The design of its mouthpiece is also very interesting. Despite the fact that the mouthpiece is made of plastic, there is no plastic flavor in the vapor and vapor is cool, smooth and satisfying. All the materials used to make this device are of a very high quality. Overall, the Crafty is well built, and finely finished that many users usually mistake it as made of metal. Its finish is also a top-notch, protecting the device from dings and scratches, making it as tough as it is beautiful.

Size and Portability

The exact dimensions of the Crafty are 4.3 inches Height by 2.2 inches Length and 1.3 inches Width. It is weighs approximately 135 grams. Its lightweight and compact size makes it easy to carry around and comfortably fits in hand. It is not quite as portable as the G Pen Elite and Pax 3 because it does have some bulkiness to it; however, overall it is much easier to clean and use. Its mouthpiece swivels around to avoid getting in the way when it is in use. This helps to keep the profile of the device from being intrusive and makes it optimal for those people who like vaping outside the house.


The Crafty is a discrete unit, mostly because it easily conceals in the palm of your hand. You can easily hide it as you hold to keep people from getting too suspicious. Its dark color makes it harder for other people to notice, especially at a first glance. The vaporizer is very quite when using it, choosing to notify you of things, like switching it on and off with a little vibration instead of a beep. The fact that this unit measures about 4.3 inches tall and weighs about 135 grams means that it is a very compact vaporizer that can be concealed in your hand. The Crafty lays very well in the palm and it is easy to control. All these amazing features make the unit surprisingly discreet and an ideal option for anyone looking for a portable vaporizer that has great vapor quality.

Crafty Build Quality

Material Used

Not surprisingly, the Crafty is very well made. The external casing is some kind of rigid plastic material and most of it is vented, meaning it resembles a heat sink. This design helps the device to dissipate any heat generated so that it does not get too hot to hold. The plastic mouthpiece swivels inwards while not in use, and sits flush with body so you will not accidently break it. All materials used on this vaporizer feel of very high quality in hand and can live up to the normal wear and tear of a daily user. Older units had some issues with outer case cracking, but all of these issues have since been remedied over a few revisions of the crafty.


crafty vaporizer review best quality applicatio app

Just like other portable vapes in the same class, the Crafty uses advanced vaping technology. First, the unit uses an optimal Crafty Bluetooth App for Android and iPhone. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to link the Crafty and the complimentary app in your phone. What the app does is enable you to modify the default temperature to whatever you want. The Crafty remembers your settings and always heats up to the default temperature you select – even if it is not connected to your Smartphone.

Apart from helping you adjust temperature settings, you can also change the brightness of the LED lights on your device. This is not exactly a vital setting; but you may want the lights to be brighter or dimmer depending on where you are using it. If you are using the unit and the app at the same time, the app will actually display the current temperature of the heating chamber in real time. The app also allows you to read off the battery charge status on your smart phone, turn off and on the vibration function as well as to activate an alarm and vibration function on your smart phone. You can download the Crafty app for free from the Google Play Store for android phones or from the Apple store for iPhone 4s or higher.

Crafty Heating

Heating Chamber – Oven

The heating chamber of the Crafty is made of high quality aluminum, which is fine in terms of safety. The heating chamber is located at the bottom of the unit. The Crafty’s herb chamber has a capacity of about 0.3, depending on how fine your grind is. You do not need to grind your material super fine to get the best results with this vape. For instance, it works well with herb from a 4-piece grinder. Loading the oven is quite easy because the company gives you a filling tool that is usually attached to the top of the chamber and it lets you pack your vape neatly and perfectly every time. There are no little pieces of material that end up in the wrong place. The filling tool also serves as a convenient storage container. You can store sufficient ground up herb in it for about three full sessions.

Once you have loaded the heating chamber, you need to reattach the top part with the mouthpiece and press the power button down for about two seconds to switch it on. The vaporizer will vibrate and the LED light will blink and then the lights will turn red while the vape will heat up. After about 90 seconds, the vaporizer will vibrate and again and the light will turn green to indicate that it has attained its vaping temperature.


The Crafty comes with two different temperature settings “Default”, which is set at 356 F, and the “Boost”that is set at 383F. Each of these two temperatures can be adjusted to any temperature range from 104 to 410 degree Fahrenheit through the Crafty Smartphone App. It takes about 90 seconds for the vaporizer to get to the set temperature, which is really fast when it comes to portable vaporizer. The vaporizers heats up almost instantly between inhales, which is faster when compared to other portable vaporizers, such as Pax 2.

Vapor Path

The Vapor Path in the Crafty is made of food-grade aluminum and is fully separated from internal components. Air in the bowl gets pulled directly from the outside through the oven lid. It is then channeled in the isolated air path and then finished by coming out through the plastic mouthpiece. Because of the high quality materials that are used for the Crafty, it produces high quality vapor.

Cosmetically, the vapor path is perfect and only becomes dirty after vaping for an extended period and yet this does not affect the performance of the unit. To get the most out of the Crafty’s vapor path, it is recommendable you clean it with a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol after use. Cleaning the vapor path only takes 10 to 30 seconds. A clean vapor path allows you to enjoy a high quality vaping experience.


The mouthpiece in the Crafty is made of food grade plastic. This helps to ensure that it does not get too hot to burn in your lips while vaping. In addition, the mouthpiece is placed away from the heating chamber to cool the vapor extremely well. Today, you can replace the Crafty plastic mouthpiece with a glass mouthpiece. Glass mouthpiece is more comfortable and provide better, sweet cool vapor than the plastic one. The fact the mouthpiece is extremely removable makes cleaning easier.

Crafty Battery


The Crafty charges quickly. From a dead battery, it only takes around 2 hours to be fully charged depending on the power source you are using for your charger. Charging is straight forward. Plug the cable into the dock, and a USB charger and off you go. . You can also purchase an external battery so you can easily recharge the Crafty on the go.

From a dead battery, you will extra time to have your unit fully charged if you are charging via USB through a computer for example. However, if you use a 2 amp wall adapter, then the charge time to 100 percent charge will reduce by up to 40 percent. The Crafty approximate charge time of only 45 minutes is very fast when compared to other portable vaporizers in the same class.

Battery Life

Just like the Mighty, the Crafty uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that is estimated to be more efficient when compared to the vaporizers. From a dead battery, it takes about 30 minutes for the battery to be 80 percent charged and complete charging times range from 60 to 90 minutes depending on how dead the battery is and type of charging used. When fully charged, the battery lasts about 45 minutes of average continuous use or about four to 5 sessions. It takes about 2 hours to reach the maximum battery charge from a dead battery. The Crafty also allows for partial pass-through charging. This allows you to vape while still charging, provided that you allow the battery to get to about 20 percent charge first.

Crafty Vaporizer Review: User Manual

How to Use Crafty

crafty vaporizer review best quality parts

Crafty is simple and easy to use. Before using your unit, you may want to install or update your Smartphone app. This is not necessary, but it is highly recommendable. The process is fast and it will give more control over the temperature settings. Here are the critical steps to follow when using Crafty.

1. Unscrew the top part of the device – All you need to do is to swivel it to the side and it comes apart easily. This exposes the heating chamber or oven.

2. Put your favorite dry herb into the circular heating chamber. It is important you use the coarse dry herb rather than the fine dry herbs to avoid unnecessary problems while vaping.

3. Pack the material loosely in the heating chamber and avoid over packing it. Packing your material this way helps to enjoy a more smooth and intense hit.

4. After loading it, swivel the top cover back to its position. You should feel it pull it into place with as satisfying snap.

5. Take the vaporizer and place your index fingers on and press the button to switch the device and start heating up your herbs. Hold your finger there until you hear the Crafty vibrate to let you know it’s on.

6. Without removing your fingers from the buttons, put the mouthpiece into your lips and start drawing the air in. pull the air softly and effortlessly to get the best hit. For a perfect draw, just imagine you are smoking a pipe.

7. As you continue hitting it, you will notice a change in flavor after a few draws. Once you begin to taste burnt popcorn, it is almost finished and you have to reload the bowl soon. By opening up the unit and giving the oven a little stir you will be able to enjoy a few more draws.

8. As you continue using your Crafty, ensure you are charging the other extra battery. If you charge one when using the other, you will never have to end your vaping session prematurely because the battery has ran out.

9. After using your unit, always clean it properly according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Cleaning Crafty is easy and straightforward. The cleaning is even easier if you do

it immediately after your vaping sessions. If you do not clean your unit, the heating chamber and vapor path can get sticky and dirty reducing the performance of your Crafty.

User Impressions

The Crafty has great user impressions. It is an incredibly high performance pocket sized vape. The Crafty produces the most consistent clouds; you can ever get from a portable vaporizer. The Smartphone app is pretty handy to make adjustments and check temperature, keeping the unit small without these buttons it. The Crafty is about 4.3 inches long and, this gives a very high quality feel without being too heavy. It features a slim profile that makes it easy to carry around either in your pockets or backpack.

Even though Crafty is a compact vaporizer, it still offers the same performance you would expect from the brand and its signature products. Just like other similar portable vaporizers in its class, the Crafty comes with a Crafty app that allows you to adjust temperatures as well as change other settings of the device. The Vapor quality of the Crafty is outstanding. Despite the fact that it comes with a plastic mouthpiece, there is no plastic flavor in the vapor and vapor is cool, smooth and surprisingly satisfying. The unit is remarkably easy to use.

crafty vaporizer review best quality tool

Crafty Vaporizer Review: Maintenance


The Crafty is very easy to clean. You can vape for extended periods of time without any cleanings and any loss of performance. However, you will get some buildup on the window. All you need to do is to take a paper towel with some isopropyl alcohol on it and wipe out the bowl. Next, clean the vapor path on both the body and the lid and boom, and you are done.


The Crafty comes with two year warranty on factory flaws and defects in the devices workmanship. The unit does not have glaring issues in its design or how it is assembled and it stands reliable.


crafty vaporizer review best quality o rings

Crafty Comparison to other models in its class (Price/Quality)

Crafty vs. Mighty

The Crafty and the Mighty are two portable vaporizers released by the Storz and Bickel out of Germany. The Crafty is smaller than the Mighty and comes in at 4.3 inches tall, 2.2 inches deep and 1.3 inches wide. The Mighty on the hand measures 5.5 inches tall, 3.2 inches wide and 1.2 inches deep. The Crafty is also more lightweight than the Mighty. It weighs 135 grams and seems like a feather compared to the 230 grams Mighty. The Crafty can easily be concealed in the palm of your hand, while the Mighty needs to be stored in a backpack, purse or a fanny pack. The Crafty retails at a more affordable price of $279 USD, while the Mighty retails at a higher price of $349 USD. Both vaporizers come with a warranty of 2 years and use a lithium-ion battery.

Crafty Vs. Firefly 2

Both Firefly2 and Crafty are well-made and sturdy types of vaporizers. Their sizes are comfortable in the hands and are both easy to clean and maintain. Just like Crafty, Firefly 2 is paired with a Smartphone app. Both units have a short battery lasting roughly 45 minutes max, which usually equates to 3 to 3 vaping sessions. They both offer convection vaporization, but draws from Firefly 2 are amazingly flavorful than those from Crafty. Firefly weighs about 140g while crafty weighs about 135 g.

The Firefly 2 vaporizer retails at 329.95 us dollars while Crafty retails at $279.00 USD. When it comes to portability, the Crafty is fairly portable and it can easily fit in a pocket for convenient travel. It also comes with a stirring tool that is convenient for stirring your herbs on the go. The Firefly 2, on the other hand, is very portable and actually has a smaller profile than the Crafty meaning it fits more easily in your pocket.

Crafty Vs. Pax 3

The Pax 3 is one of the smallest, lightest and easily concealable vaporizers on the market. Crafty on the other hand offers a full temperature (104F to 410) and produce cool and smooth vapor. The Pax 3 vaporizer costs $274.99 while the Crafty retails at $279.00. The Pax 3 has a very impressive battery life of 100 minutes when fully charged, while the Crafty is known to have a weak battery due to the fact that convection heating is far more demanding on the battery. The battery life on the Crafty is 45 minutes. The Pax 3 offers 5 preset temperatures while the Crafty offers only two pre-set temperatures. Due to its small size, the Pax 3 is more discrete and portable than the Crafty. All these features make the Pax 3 superior to the Crafty.

Crafty Vs. DaVinci IQ

Both DaVinci IQ and Crafty are well-made and sturdy types of vaporizers. Their sizes are comfortable in the hands and are both easy to clean and maintain. Just like Crafty, DaVinci IQ is paired with a smartphone app. The DaVinci IQ vaporizer has a very good battery life of up to 80 minutes when fully charged, while the Crafty is known to have a weak battery due to the fact that convection heating is far more demanding on the battery. The battery life on the Crafty is 45 minutes. The DaVinci IQ costs $274.99 while the Crafty retails at $279.00.

Crafty vs. G Pen Elite

When it comes to price, G-pen Elite is far much cheaper than the Crafty. The G-pen Elite costs about $149.99 USD and the Crafty costs about $279 USD. While the G Pen Elite measure 4 inches length and 1 inches wide, the Crafty measures 4.3 inches tall, 2.2 inches deep and 1.3 inches wide. This makes the G pen Elite vaporizer more discrete and concealable than the Crafty.


Pros of Crafty

· Consistently good vapor quality
· Multiple charging options
· The Smartphone app makes it easy to increase temp range
· Great and fast vapor production
· Small and sleek design
· Liquid pad included for vaping concentrate
· 2 Years of manufacturer warranty
· Vibration indicators lets you to know when it is ready, and when it powers off
· Unparalleled performance with premium vapor quality

Cons of the Crafty

· More costly than most portable vaporizers
· Mouthpiece is exterior and it can get dirty
· Short battery life span, but you can vape as you recharge

crafty vaporizer review best quality unboxing

Why the Crafty Is the Best Choice for a Medical Cannabis User?

The Crafty is one of the best portable vaporizer on the market. For the typical cannabis consumer, the Crafty is one of the best options you have. The large bowl size and insane, effortless vapor production make this unit the best option for someone switching from combustion to vaporization. If you are looking for the best in class portable vaporizer with no compromises in vapor production, smoothness or flavor, the Crafty is an ideal option.


1 piece Power Adapter
1 piece USB Cable
1 piece Liquid Pad
3 pieces Screens
1 piece Cleaning Brush
1 piece Herb Mill (Grinder)
1 piece Filling Aid
1 piece Seal Rings
1 piece Instruction Manual


Best Price



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