Creepy Limited Edition Monster Bongs by Grace Glass

monster bongs red horns

Black Monster Bongs with Red Tentacles

This little monster bongs come from the underworld to make you as high as you’ve never been. It sits quietly on a massive round foot, made from clear glass with black rim, holding inside a crazy honeycomb disc and a little black monster with red horns. The honeycomb percolator will break up your smoke into tiny bubbles, which are going to be filtered and cooled for better quality smoke.

Fixed on the base you find the 18.8 mm reinforced downstem. The bowl then on top, shaped in a beautiful one-eyed monster with red tentacles. Not only looks but also functionality in the design, the red horns work perfect as rollstoppers.

Made for your favorite herbs, it has a, flared bent with black rim mouthpiece. Thick and comfortable to use.

Manufactured by Grace Glass, the Limited Edition Bong with HoneyComb Disc Perc is made from high-quality borosilicate glass 4 mm thick and measures 11.8 inch (30 cm) in height, with a 60 mm diameter.

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monster bongs black horns

Black Monster Bongs with Horns

First of all I want to give you some advice. If you feel you are easily scared , this bong might not be the one for you. Two tiny monsters with one-eyed devilish look, one inside the bong and one shaped like a bowl will get you as stoned as possible. This unique bong has a massive foot, which holds the cylinder shaped base. Inside, waits the honeycomb percolator to smash and filter the smoke from your favorite herbs.

The downstem with 18.8 mm joint size is fixed on, together with the detachable 18,8 mm female bowl.

Made from clear high-quality borosilicate glass 4 mm thick, the bong features an awesome angled flared mouthpiece with black rim.

Manufactured by Grace Glass with a height of 12.6 inch (32 cm) and a 60 mm diameter. Also printed on you find the Grace Glass Limited Edition logo in black.

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monster bongs round


Black Monster Bongs

Made from high-quality clear borosilicate glass 4 mm thick, the Limited Edition Bong with HoneyComb Disc Perc is specially made for herb smoking. Yes, you little stoner! It’s for you!

With a stable glass base with black rim which holds inside a little black monster ready to terrify you while you’re taking a hit. Under the one-eyed monster sits in place the honeycomb percolator prepared to give you its best smooth, cold and full flavored shots. Built on the bong we have the reinforced 18.8 mm downstem and the monster’s twin brother. Disguised as a 18.8 mm bowl, the monster will hold your herbs anytime with pleasure.

The flared angled mouthpiece with black rim and the black Grace Glass Limited Edition logo makes the bong complete.

Manufactured by Grace Glass, it measures 12.2 inch (31 cm) in height, and 60 mm in diameter.

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