The Dietzen Cannabis Hemp Car

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dietzen-cannabis-hemp-car-statementMeet Bruce Michael Dietzen, the man who made the first cannabis hemp car in the world. Inspired by the famous industrialist Henry Ford, who build the first soybean-hemp car in 1941, He took his way.

Dietzen started building his dream car on his own. But he realized that it’s not that easy. The material needed (woven hemp) was difficult to find in the USA while it was illegal to grow.

The materials along with building the entire car, costed Dietzen 200.000$, a huge amount of money for a car, many will say.

But the cost doesn’t reflect only the construction of the cars body. Also the car was built after the chassis of a Mazda, and uses a bio-fuel made from recycled agricultural waste. For it’s body, Dietzen has used aprox 100 pounds of woven hemp. Because the car was built with these materials, it’s lighter than a normal one, and 10 times more dent-resistant thadietzen-cannabis-hemp-car-statement-2n steel. Thus it’s supposed to need less repairs after an accident.

The car made from hemp is possibly leading the charge in making carbon-neutral vehicles.

Bruce Michael Dietzen, the brain behind the hemp vehicle, hopes that his green car will remove the taboo behind the cannabis plant.



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