Drug Dealer Teacher sells Cannabis to 13 Year Old Child

Drug Dealer Teacher?

It all started in Nebraska, at Arlington Public School. 32 year-old Zachary Van Dyke, was arrested after he smoked and also sold marijuana to a 13 year old child. The man was charged for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and for selling cannabis.



And now you are probably wondering how this man got to the child.

Zachary Van Dyke was a teaching assistant at Gunston Middle School and a basketball coach at Washington Lee High School. The young child was in one of his classes at Gunston Middle School.

Van Dyke was arrested after he drove the 13 year old home. On their way, Van Dyke, like a true dealer, smoked marijuana with the child. And this is not the worst thing, he also sold the drug to the juvenile. I wonder what was going on in his mind? Does he have children too?

After the incident, Van Dyke was suspended by the Arlington Pubic Schools during the investigation.

School officials and policeman claimed that it’s possible that there are more victims connected to Van Dyke. In the classes he teaches, study, children aged 12 to 15. And all were vulnerable.

Parents said that Van Dyke was very popular among kids. No wonder why….

Ashley Savage, the spokesperson from Washington-Lee School said that parents suspected Van Dyke with providing their kids with drugs, but they were afraid to report him. Thus fearing their child could face legal consequences too.

After the incident, principal dr. Lori Wiggins.at Gunston Middle School, sent a letter to the parents. There she showed her regret for everything that happened and assured that the drug dealer teacher is suspended. She also gave a phone number where they can anonymously report any information about Van Dyke.

What it’s your opinion?

Should the drug dealer teacher have contact with kids anymore?

Would you allow your child to smoke marijuana so soon?



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