Exclusive Limited Edition Bongs by EHLE

Limited Edition Bongs by Ehle

Celtic Dragon Ice Bong

Hand-made in Germany from high-quality borosilicate glass the 5 mm thick bong represents the high-end line. A massive round foot holds the cylinder shaped water pipe, which is simple, elegant and easy to clean. It features glass-on-glass joint tanks at 18.8 mm size and a bowl with red glass rollstoppers. An ideal length 4.3 inch (11 cm) downstem diffuser and the red ice notches will revolutionize the way of bong smoking. Sandblasted on tube is a marvelous Celtic Dragon design making the bong a work of art.

Manufactured by EHLE Glass the bong measures 17.7 inch (45 cm) and features the EHLE logo on the downstem and bowl in beautiful white color.

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EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-1 EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-1
EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-2 EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-2
EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-3 EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-3
EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-4 EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-4
EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-5 EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-5
EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-6 EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-6
EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-7 EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-7
EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-8 EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-8
EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-9 EHLE-glass-LE-Medusa-Rainbow-vapor-bong-9

Limited Edition Bongs by Ehle

Medusa Rainbow

Eye catching Limited Edition Medusa Rainbow Vapor Bong with 4-arm Perc from EHLE. Glass Hand made in the Germany High quality borosilicate glass Limited to 20 exclusive pieces 4-arm tree percolator Round foot Swirling rainbow colored accents Engraved individual running number and signature on foot Flared mouthpiece Designed for vaping oil and other concentrates Bent tube Vapor dome 14.5 mm female joint Titanium concentrate nail included No carb hole No ice notches ” data-yotpo-element-id=”2″>

Just by looking at it, this vapor bong leaves you speechless. A beautiful hand made rainbow pattern bowl, downstem, percolator and tube, with engraved individually running numbers and a signature on the base make it a first class bong.

Standing on a massive round foot, it sustains the cylinder with an awesome 4-arm tree percolator. The percolator will take your favorite concentrates and essential oils smoke to a completely new level.

The 14.5 mm vapor dome with handle comes together with a nail, made from titanium concentrate. It also has a flared mouthpiece which allows you to be comfortable while using the bong.

Manufactured by EHLE the Limited Edition Medusa Rainbow Vapor Bong is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and measures 11.8 inch (30 cm) in height.

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EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-1 EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-1
EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-2 EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-2
EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-3 EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-3
EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-4 EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-4
EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-5 EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-5
EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-6 EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-6
EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-7 EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-7
EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-8 EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-8
EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-9 EHLE-glass-Limited-Edition-Phoenix-Ice-Bong-9

Limited Edition Bongs by Ehle

Phoenix Ice Bong

The Limited Edition Phoenix Ice Bong is hand made in Germany by the EHLE glass pro’s. It’s made from high quality borosilicate glass, 5 mm thick, touching the highest standards for a bong.

It has a round, stable foot ready to sustain the bong while you use it. A beautiful, curved tube shaped by the greatest craftsmen which shows the quality and the time invested in it. The bong features 2 downstems with pearl diffuser. One is for the ash-catcher and has the ideal 4.5 inch (11.5 cm) length. The other downstem goes inside of the bong and is 5.1 inch (13 cm) in size. It also comes with a herb bowl and features ice notches to cool your hot days.

Manufactured by EHLE, it’s made from clear glass, with blue accents and has a beautiful pattern sandblasted on the mouthpiece. It measures 19.7 inch (50 cm) and it’s a multi-functional bong to which the ash-catcher can be interchanged.

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