Eye-catching Bongs by Black Leaf

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The 3-arm Tree Perc Ice Bong is the bong that truly deserves to stay on your table. Has an unique design with blue and yellow accents made from high quality glass. The stable round base and that awesome slitted three arm percolator, made from blue glass, may indulge your desires.

This bong is fully equipped with a glass funnel bowl with rollstoppers, ice notches, carb hole and a carb stopper. It has an ideal downstem length of 5.1 inch (13 cm), complete with a male joint bowl with a 18.8 mm size.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, it has a perfect 20.1 inch (51 cm) height, a 30 mm diameter and a 5mm glass thickness. It also offers you the opportunity to cool your smoke by including ice notches.

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The Flaming Skull Double Ring 19-arm Perc Beaker Base Ice Bong is indeed a powerful bong. With a crazy 12 arm slited outer ring perc and a 7 arm amber glass perc, it can revolutionize the quality of your smoke. It has a 18.8 mm stitted diffuser downstem ready to diffuse your smoke and push it into that crazy percolator. 18.8 mm bowl size with rollstoppers included is coming to complete the 5.1 inch (13 cm) downstem. Imagine a scorching  hot day in July with you hitting a cold smoke from this crazy bong. It will really make your day!

Manufactured by Black Leaf, it’s made from clear glass, 5mm thick, with amber color designs and a cool black Flaming Skull logo burnt on. Measuring 21.7 inch (55 cm), and 50 mm diameter it comes with a carb hole and a rubber carb stopper.

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The name “DEA Straight Cylinder Glass Bong Set in Aluminum Carrying Case” might sound like a irony but let’s check out what this bong offers. First of all it comes in a complete set with an aluminum case with black details, a herb grinder signed Black Leaf and a pack of 3 Black Leaf hanging spoon screens. It’s just perfect for a present or for a traveling stoner.

It’s made from high quality, clear borosilicate glass, 5 mm thick, with a black comfortable mouthpiece, the DEA (Drug Education Agency) decal on tube and ice notches. It has a round foot with a classic cylinder tube, 18.8>14.5 mm downstem coming to complete the 14.5 mm slide bowl with black accents.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, the bong measures 17.7 inch (45 cm) in height, and 50 mm in diameter plus a carb hole included.

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