Feminized Seeds Explained in Beginners Language

One of the biggest challenges for many first-time grower is understanding the terminology used at dispensaries concerning marijuana seeds. What happens more often than not is the growers will grab a bag of regular seeds because the price is more affordable, and then they realize down the road that the work involved in weeding out the male plants is more than they have bargained for. In most cases, the marijuana seeds are available in male or female species, however if they have feminized seeds, you will find this is the only way to go.




What Exactly are Feminized Seeds?

In this feminized seeds explained article, we will discus in simple terms exactly what sets these seeds apart from the rest. These particular seeds have been modified so that they only produce female strains. Now unlike foods that are genetically modified, the only thing altered here is the way the seeds are reproduced. By modifying the ways the seeds reproduce, each seed from here out will only produce a female plant, and that is a good thing. The female plant is more potent and has a stickier resin that is ideal for harvesting. When you know the gender of the plant beforehand, there is zero possibility of a male plant pollinating a female plant and watering down the stream.

Feminized Seeds vs Regular Seeds?

This is a great question that many beginner growers ask, and the answer is simpler than you might think. The regular marijuana seed has the potential to develop into either a female or a male plant. When there is a 50/50 chance that one plant will grow compared to the other, you have no chance of getting your female plants to grow in mass because the male plants are going to certainly be in the mix. This is why when you head to the dispensary, you will notice regular seeds come packed in bags of ten seeds while the more potent feminized seeds are available in packs of five. While you pay more now for the feminized seeds, you enjoy less work on the back-end weeding out all those male plants from the harvest.

What Sets the Feminized Seeds Apart?

When it comes to feminized seeds explained, the short answer here is that the feminized seeds are far superior in quality over regular marijuana seeds. Since you can assure that your harvest is going to be 100% female plants, you hands will certainly be less dirty when it comes to enjoying your harvest. The reason this is so important to the grower is that they work tirelessly to ensure no male plants are lessening the quality of the harvest. The male plants not only pollinate with the females, they have less THC content and affect the quality of the smoking experience. In order to get the best possible buzz from your yield, the more female plants producing potent buds the better. The only way that you can ensure this happens, lay out the extra money up front when you purchase those feminized seeds.

Hopefully, this information on feminized seeds explained really helped to clear up any confusion about the different seed choices available to you. One thing to consider is the feminized seeds are more sensitive to their surroundings, so protect them from exposure to excessive light, heat, and cold.



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