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Firefly 2 Vaporizer


>Herb + Wax
2 Year Warranty
3 Second Heating
High Quality Magnesium Alloy
Bluetooth and App
Dynamic Convection Heating
7.4v Lithium Ion Battery
Borosilicate Grass Bowl and Mouthpiece
Touch Sensor Activation

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Firefly Vapor: Company Profile

Firefly Vapor was founded in 2012 by Sasha Robinson and Mark Williams. Sasha and Mark had a similar goal of improving people’s lives by creating the best vaporizer in the world. Their initial product, Firefly 1 was highly praised by connoisseurs, vape experts as well as in magazines, such as the New York Times and Wired Magazine. Firefly Vapor became the first vape company to win a prestigious design award by claiming the “the Good Design Award” by Chicago Athenaeum Museum in 2014.

Co-founder Sasha Robinson is responsible for the hardware and software part of the vaporizer. She has previously worked or consulted companies like LG, Microsoft, Nike, Panasonic and Juniper Networks. Mark Williams on the other hand is responsible for the design part of the vaporizer. He has held positions of design leadership for over 20 years at Silicon Valley. They met via the auspices of the Burning Man Festival. This clearly reflects their core values of shared contribution, community creation, artistic expression and self determination.  

According to the Co-founders of the Firefly Vapor, the primary goal of the company is to create a bright future in the vaporization industry by using research, design and technology to improve everyone’s freedom to be responsible for their own consciousness.

firefly 2 vaporizer blackFirefly Vapor Product Line

Firefly 1

This was the initial product manufactured by Firefly Vapor. It was however discontinued and is out of stock. Firefly 1 was a dynamic and portable dry herb vaporizer. It vaped dry herbs with true convection heating and its heating elements never touched the herbs. Its vapor path was made from metal while its removable battery had a charge time of 45 minutes and usage time (battery life) of about 50 hits.

Firefly 1 had an excellent vapor production, but its vapor smoothness was considered moderate when compared to other vaporizers on the market. It had a temperature range of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 5 years of warranty. The Firefly’s price was about $270. The price was comparable to many other units that do not perform nearly well as this dry herb vaporizer. This made the vape a great buy.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Firefly 2 is an upgrade of Firefly 1. Firefly 2 is a dynamic, portable vaporizer with sleek, smooth design and tons of useful features. It vaporizes both dry herbs and concentrates, heats up in just 3 seconds and produces a consistently super vapor quality. Whether you are a new to vaping or a long time user, you will certainly like the portability (55 percent lighter and 33 percent smaller than Firefly), a delightful ease of use, an efficient fast charge battery and customizable temperature settings.

Firefly 2 comes with 3 concentrate pads, a cleaning kit, an USB 3.0 cable, a charging dock and two rechargeable batteries. It heats ups fast and efficiently. In fact, you can break a single session into several vape sessions as the herb or concentrate is only heated when you are using it. Firefly 2 comes with a 55-hole pattern at the base of the bowl and takes in greater amount of air than the original version. Most reviewers describe it as the best portable vaporizer on the market. Firefly 2 retails for only $329.95.


firefly 2 vaporizer product line

Firefly 1 vs. Firefly 2: Is the Upgrade Worth It?

Firefly Vapor redefined its initial product by incorporating unique and interesting features combined with a minimalistic design. Their current vaporizer, Firefly 2 is less than half the weight and two thirds the size of the original Firefly, making it a real contender for the best vaporizer in 2017. While Firefly 1 had a single temperature setting, Firefly 2 has 6 temperature settings controlled by both your app and manually by touching the sensors at the sides of the vaporizer. It has the ability to reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit in just three seconds.

The earlier version of Firefly only vaporized dry herbs, while the current Firefly vaporizes both concentrates and dry herbs. Firefly 2 retails at a reasonable price of only $329.95 USD, which is $59 USD higher than the original version. Similar to its predecessor, Firefly 2 is a dynamic convection vaporizer than can be used on the go. It has an on-demand heating system that attracts the attention of people who like brief or quick sessions without wasting their herbs.

Another big improvement of the current model is the increased battery life. Firefly 1 was highly criticized by its users for having a very short battery life and a faster than average battery degradation. However, with the new and more efficient system in the new model, the battery life has been improved greatly to a maximum usage. Firefly 2 can give up to six bowls of dry herbs (6 to 8 draws of 30 seconds draws). Added to the efficient system are the two replaceable batteries and quick charging ( 50 minutes for the full charge), meaning there are no more complain about the battery situation.

In summary, Firefly 2 is superior to Firefly 1. The most notable positive feature about Firefly 2 is its cool vapor and outstanding flavor. It is very easy to use and requires no special expertise for optimal use. In addition, it requires little to no maintenance and there cannot be anything other than good to be said about this portable vaporizer. Here are all the essential details to know about this vaporizer.

firefly 2 vaporizer designFirefly 2 Vaporizer Design


The Firefly 2 is thinner, lighter and is full of amazing futures. The single LED light is bright enough to be seen in moderate bright daylight and the buttons can be accessed easily. The vapor path is long enough to ensure that the vapor is cool a bit before it reaches your mouth. The overall unit is thicker at the top than the bottom, making it easy to hold without keeping a firm grip on it. The unit is made of mostly glass and plastics, and the only weight comes from the 7700 mAh lithium ion battery pack.

The load process is simple and straightforward, all you need to do is remove the magnetic lid and you have the aboro-silicate glass vapor path that makes cleaning and loading an easy task. The Firefly removable mouthpiece also helps to make cleaning easy. Overall, Firefly 2 is aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Size and Portability

A major issue with the Firefly 1 vape is that it was far too heavy for a portable vape. It was too heavy to feel comfortable in your hands, pockets or whatever bag you may put it in. Firefly 2 weighs 140 grams, which is 50 percent of the weight of Firefly 1. The body measures 5 inches by 1.6 inches by 0.8 inches which shrinks the size from the first generation at about 33 percent. The initial Firefly vape was designed to resemble a cell phone for discretion’s sake and Firefly 2 is no different. However, Firefly 2 has its initial design to resemble that of an iPhone. Its lightweight as well as the slim and sleek design makes it easy to carry outdoors.


While Firefly 2 may not be as discreet as vaporizers, such as Goboof Alfa and Pax 2 at first glance, it can be a discreet portable vape. When compared to Firefly 1, Firefly 2 is 33 percent smaller and 55 percent lighter than the original design. The Firefly 2 is also made of a lighter, but sturdy and durable magnesium alloy, compared to the original Firefly 1 that was made of a heavier stainless body.

The Firefly 2 slim, sleek design ensures that it fits well in the hand. The unit lays very well in the palm and it is easy to make contact with the captive touch sensors on the side. Even though Firefly 2 is not the most discreet vape on the market, it can be easily be concealed when your arm rests on the rear of the unit, covering the bright glowing oven.

firefly 2 vaporizer build qualityFirefly 2 Build Quality

What is it made of?

The Firefly 2 is a wonderfully constructed device, using high quality materials and immaculate attention detail. The vaporizer has a tough as nails body that is made from die cast magnesium alloy. In fact, this is the reason its weight has reduced drastically. The die cast magnesium alloy, ensures that Firefly 2 is a vaporizer that is highly durable, robust and strong. The vaporizer can take minor tears and wears like a champ and still come out vaping on top, offering you the finest clouds you want to have on a portable handheld vaporizer.

The mouth-piece is removable and is constructed of a completely BPA free FDA food grade Triton polymer. The faceplate is also removable and remains attached magnetically to make sure that none of the product in the chamber falls out. The magnet is quite strong and does not cause the plate to open in your pocket. Inside the vaporizer, vapor travels along an almost completely borosilicate glass vapor pathway. The heating chamber is large and efficient is made of entirely medical-grade stainless steel oven that vaporizers your herb and concentrates.


Just like Pax 3, Firefly 2 uses an advanced vaping technology. First it makes use of a Vapor App that uses Bluetooth to pair your Smartphone. The Vapor app allows you to change the temperature settings on the vaporizer. You can also easily switch between concentrates and dry herbs as there is a mode for herbs and one for concentrates. In the concentrates mode, you can choose the highest temperature settings. Firefly 2 vaporizer is also known as the “iPhone of vaporizers”. It comes with 6 preset temperature settings ( 5 preset temperature setting for Dry herb and one for concentrate) that can be easily controlled through Firefly 2 iPhone or android app. The app also allows you to check battery life, and change a couple different settings on the unit.

Firefly 2 uses the convection heating technology to vaporize your materials. It heats the materials in the glass chamber with super-heated air, and it is this convection process that makes it different from other dry herb vaporizers on the market. Convection heating works equally when vaping either dry herbs or real concentrates. In addition, the Firefly 2 on-demand heating technology ensures that no vapor is created between hits. This helps to avoid wastage of your materials and helps to extend the life of your battery.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Heating

Heating Chamber – Oven

firefly 2 vaporizer heating


The Firefly 2 uses a convection heating system. The borosilicate glass bowl, combined with the aforementioned die cast magnesium alloy body does a good job of containing the heating. The Firefly 2 has a small oven that holds about 0.1 to 0.15 grams and delivers instant heat. The weight of the flower varies dues to many factors, but this a good range you should expect to be able to vaporize all the materials.

It is recommendable you avoid over packing the oven as this yields very bad results. Small, loosely packed ovens usually yield the best results. More importantly, consider using a coarse grind as opposed to a fine grind. Firefly 2 usually ends up pulling finely ground material into the vapor path, impending airflow in the device and consequently causing unnecessary draw resistance.

At the bottom of the heating chamber, there is a metal plate that contains 55 precision, laser drilled air holes. The original Firefly has only six large holes. The manufacturer of this vaporizer claims that by spreading out the heat over a large amount of laser drilled holes, Firefly 2 can operate at very high temperatures while still maintaining an excellent performance.

The heating coil on Firefly 2 is not made out of nichrome, as with most other vapes. The manufacturer of this unit say they spent over four months researching and testing different materials before settling on an undisclosed material. This material is designed to prevent problems that result from using nichrome coils for an extended period of time. Its near instant heat up for quick sessions and minimal odors compared to other vaporizers makes Firefly 2, one of the pretty easy to use devices on the down-low.


Just like Pax 3 and Crafty, Firefly 2 provides temperature control via its well designed Smartphone app. It offers 5 preset temperature settings for dry herbs and one temperature setting specifically for concentrates. The Temperature Settings for Dry Herb are as follows:

Level 1 – Low – 340F / 171C

Level 2 – Medium Low – 360F / 182C

Level 3 – Medium – 380F / 193C

Level 4 – Medium High (Default) 400F / 204C

Level 5 – High- 420F / 215C

While the Temperature Setting for Concentrates is 500F / 260C.

The Firefly 2 temperature spectrum is good as it covers the temperatures you will most likely be vaping at in most conditions and situations. Firefly 2 also made a major firmware update last year. This firmware update allows you to ramp down temperature to 89 percent for even superior flavor and smoothness. You can also bring the slider all the way to 111 percent which gives the unit a lot more extraction power. By setting the power tuning to 111 percent, you will receive almost instantaneous vapor product.

Vapor Path

firefly 2 vaporizer mouthpiece

The vapor path of Firefly 2 is made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a temperature and chemical resistance glass. It is commonly used in laboratories. Air in the bowl gets pulled directly from the outside via the oven lid, gets channeled in the isolated vapor path and then finishes by coming out via the mouthpiece. Due to the high quality materials that are used for the Firefly 2, it produces extremely high quality vapor and more importantly creates a high quality vaping experience.

Cosmetically, the vapor path is great and only gets dirty after a long period of usage and this does not affect its performance. The best thing on this though is that the vapor path is very easy to wipe down with a isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel or included alcohol wipes. Cleaning the vapor path only takes about 10 to 30 seconds with the included alcohol wipes.


The Firefly2 uses a removable plastic mouthpiece. The newly designed mouthpiece also includes a little screen to prevent it from getting snacks in your mouth. It is placed far away from the heating chamber to cool the vapor extremely well. The fact that the mouthpiece is made of food grade plastic ensures that it does not get too hot to burn your lips while vaping. Additionally, the mouthpiece is extremely removable for easier cleaning.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Battery


The Firefly 2 charges very quickly. From a dead battery, it only takes around 40 minutes to be fully charged depending on the power source you are using for your charger. Charging was straight forward. Plug the cable into the dock, and a USB charger and off you go. Firefly also provides you an external charger that you can use to charge your spare battery when it is not in the unit.

From a dead battery, you will extra time to have your unit fully charged if you are charging via USB through a computer for example. However, if you use a 2 amp wall adapter, then the charge time to 100 percent charge will reduce by up to 40 percent. The Firefly 2 charge approximate charge time of only 45 minutes is very fast when compared to other portable vaporizers in the same class.

Battery Life

Firefly 2 uses a 7.4 V lithium ion battery that is estimated to be more efficient when compared to the vaporizers. From a dead battery, it takes about 20 minutes for the battery to be 80 percent charged and complete charging times range from 50 to 90 minutes depending on how dead the battery is and type of charging used. The unit comes with two rechargeable batteries with same specs at the original Firefly. You will get about 6 bowls per charge for dry herb and each bowl will give about 6 to 8 draws for a total of about 35 to 45 or 25 to 30 seconds draws. The battery life reduces a bit when vaping concentrates.

To check the battery level, you just need to tap the right touch sensors for three times and see the LED indicator.

  • Blinks Red – Empty, it’s time to recharge your unit
  • One blue blink – 25 percent charge
  • Two blue blinks – 50 percent charge
  • Three blue blinks -75 percent charge
  • Four blue blinks – 100 percent charge

firefly 2 jet black

Firefly 2 Vaporizer User Manual

How to Use Firefly 2

Firefly 2 is simple and easy to use. Before using your unit, you may want to install or update your Smartphone app. This is not necessary, but it is highly recommendable. The process is fast and it will give more control over the temperature settings. You can find instructions on how to install the software at the end of this section. Here are the critical steps to follow when using the Firefly 2 vaporizer.

  1. Lift off the top cover – It is usually magnetized and should be easy to pull off. Put your favorite dry herb into the circular heating chamber. It is important you use the coarse dry herb rather than the fine dry herbs to avoid unnecessary problems while vaping.
  2. Pack the material loosely in the heating chamber and avoid over packing it. Packing your material this way helps to enjoy a more smooth and intense hit.
  3. After loading it, place the top cover back to its position. You should feel the magnet pull it into place with as satisfying snap.
  4. Take the vaporizer and place your index fingers on the two capacitive buttons on the sides of the unit. Hold your finger there until you see the LED light turn solid green. Without removing your fingers from the buttons, put the mouthpiece into your lips and start drawing the air in. pull the air softly and effortlessly to get the best hit. For a perfect draw, just imagine you are smoking a pipe.
  5. As you continue hitting it, you will notice a change in flavor after a few draws. Once you begin to taste burnt popcorn, it is almost finished and you have to reload the bowl soon. By opening up the unit and giving the oven a little stir you will be able to enjoy a few more draws.
  6. As you continue using your Firefly 2, ensure you are charging the other extra battery. If you charge one when using the other, you will never have to end your vaping session prematurely because the battery has ran out.  
  7. After using your unit, always clean it properly according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Cleaning Firefly 2 is easy and straightforward. The cleaning is even easier if you do it immediately after your vaping sessions. If you do not clean your unit, the heating chamber and vapor path can get sticky and dirty reducing the performance of your Firefly 2.

firefly 2 vaporizer firefly vapor appHow to Install the Firefly 2 Vaporizer App onto Your Device

The Firefly 2 has an available software update that was made last year in September. The update provides you additional ways of adjusting your device. The software is compatible with both iOS and android devices. Here are steps to follow in order to use this software.

  1. Visit Google Play or the iTunes app store to install the “Firefly Vapor” app on your Smartphone.
  2. Ensure that your Smartphone has Bluetooth on, switch on the application and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. You should be able access various settings that allow you to fine tune your Firefly 2 vape completely.
  4. After choosing your preset temperature, you can now change the power curve to modify the heating profile. A lower setting will be tastier longer and a hotter one will hit harder. However, you should be careful as the hottest setting with the power curve on max is just hot enough to cause combustion and a very lower temperature setting will not give you satisfying draws.
  5. Play around with the software until you find your preferred sweet pot.

User Impressions

Firefly 2 has a great user impression. It has a slick, clean and space-age design that is attractive. Firefly 2 is 55 percent lighter and 33 percent smaller than the original Firefly, making it more discreet and portable. At around 5 inches long and an inch thick, this vaporizer has a very high quality feel without being too heavy. It features a slim profile that makes it easy to carry around either in your pockets or backpack. Its faceplates are magnetically attached and can be interchanged with ones in different colors, providing a high level of personalization. Firefly 2 does not have external buttons like most vaporizers in the same class, instead it features two finger sensors conveniently located on each side of the vaporizer. The subtlety of this design option, the slim profile and quality build gives the Firefly 2 a simple yet sophisticated appearance.

firefly 2 vaporizer cleaning


Firefly 2 Maintenance


The Firefly 2 vaporizer is one of the easiest vapes to clean. You can enjoy long vaping intervals without cleanings and any loss of performance. However, you will get some buildup on the window. There is no screen to replace or clean. All you need to do is to take a paper towel with some isopropyl alcohol on it and wipe out the bowl. Next, clean the vapor path on both the body and the lid and boom, and you are done.


Firefly 2 provides a two year warranty on factory flaws and defects in the devices workmanship. The unit does not have glaring issues in its design or how it is assembled and it stands reliable.

Firefly 2 Comparison to Other Models in Its Class

Firefly 2 vs. Crafty

Both Firefly2 and Crafty are well-made and sturdy types of vaporizers. Their sizes are comfortable in the hands and are both easy to clean and maintain. Just like Crafty, Firefly 2 is paired with a smartphone app. Both units have a short battery lasting roughly 45 minutes max, which usually equates to 3 to 3 vaping sessions. They both offer convection vaporization, but draws from Firefly 2 are amazingly flavorful than those from Crafty. Firefly weighs about 140g while crafty 132 g. Firefly 2 retails at 329.95 us dollars while Crafty retails at $279.00 USD.

Firefly 2 vs. Pax 3

The Pax 3 retails at $274.99, while the Firefly 2 costs around $330. When it comes to size, the Pax 3 is smaller and lighter, making more portable. The Pax 3 also comes with a 10 years of warranty, while the Firefly 2 comes with 2 years of warranty. The charge time for the Pax 3 is two to three hours depending on the charging system used, while that of the Firefly is 45 minutes. Both units come with a Bluetooth / Vapor app that is advantageous to the users. The Pax 3 has an oven capacity of 0.3 grams while the Firefly 2 has an oven capacity of 0.15 grams. The Pax 3 is highly portable conduction heating vaporizer while Firefly 2 uses the convection method to heat your material.

Firefly 2 vs. Davinci IQ

Davinci IQ vaporizer retails at around $275 while Firefly 2 retails at around $330. Davinci IQ is a pure conduction vape, meaning it uses radiant heat from the wall of the oven to vaporize your herb. Firefly 2 is a pure convection vape, meaning that vaporizes your herbs or concentrates solely with super-heated. The battery charge time for Davinci IQ is 3.5 hours while Firefly 2 battery charge time is 45 minutes. The oven capacity for Davinci IQ is 0.3 grams while that of Firefly 2 is 0.15 grams. The vapor path of Davinci IQ is made of ceramic zirconia while the vapor path of Firefly 2 is made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel. When it comes to vapor taste and smoothness, Firefly 2 has an amazing vapor and super taste. Davinci IQ produces a very good vapor smoothness and an above average vapor flavor or taste.

Firefly 2 vs. G-Pen Elite

When it comes to price, G-pen Elite is far much cheaper than the Firefly 2. It costs about $149.99 USD and the Firefly 2 costs about $330 USD. While the G Pen Elite measure 4 inches length and 1 inches wide, the Firefly 2 measures 5 inches x 1.6 inches x 0.8 inches which shrinks the size from the first generation at about 33 percent. This makes the G-pen Elite more discrete and concealable than the G Pen Elite.


Pros of Firefly 2 vaporizer

  • Premium vapor quality with both concentrates and dry herbs
  • An efficient fast charge battery
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Two year limited manufacturer warranty
  • On demand convectional heating
  • Improved portability compared to the original Firefly

Cons of Firefly 2vaporizer

  • Lack of direct charging
  • Unit gets hot when used for an extended period of time

firefly 2 vaporizer worth it

Why the Firefly 2 Is the Best Choice for a High Quality Buy

Firefly is worth the price. It is one of the best handheld portable vapes available on the market. It has a very long battery life and comes with two replaceable batteries and a revolutionary glass make up and pathway. It is lightweight balanced and constructed from aluminum alloy to enhance its portability and durability. It heats in seconds and produces smooth and thick vapor every time. Firefly 2 vaporizer is a recommendable product for everyone and anyone who is interested or enjoys vaping.

Best Price



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