The First IBPA Awarded Cannabis Book


The First Awarded Cannabis Book.

The cannabis industry has made another big step this year!

Jorge Cervantes is the author of the book: “The Cannabis Encyclopedia” published by The Independent Book Publishers Association. He is also the first man ever awarded with the Benjamin Franklin Award for a cannabis related product. The award was pronounced in April this year and signifies that the cannabis world is about to be recognized by not only the cannabis community. .

The book, is a complete guide to marijuana cultivation and consumption, along with different detailed techniques for growing in greenhouses, indoor or outdoor.

Jorge Cervantes has been studying cannabis for 30 years, thus made a career out of it. Being enthusiastic that his book was recognized outside the cannabis industry, by a wide-open audience, saying: “The cannabis movement is in full force and the tsunami has begun!”

All the awards are managed by the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards with the participation of over 150 book publishing pro’s. Among them we have bookstore owners, librarians, publicity managers, reviewers and editors. For Cervantes the Benjamin Franklin Award for excellence in book publishing is the highest national honor.

The book, “The Cannabis Encyclopedia” was elaborated by Cervantes during his travels around the world. He traveled to the hearts of marijuana growing, in British Colombia, Holland, Oregon, California and Spain. Also cannabis farming techniques for a multitude of tastes are included in the book. All together it makes it an all-around source available for everyone and for every type of knowledge in the domain.

Cervantes has previously written other cannabis related books, including “Indoor Marijuana Horticulture” and “Marijuana Horticulture”. Selling more than one million copies of the books in the entire world the author is already well known as a cannabis writer. The books are printed in seven different languages, Russian and Japanese included.cannabis-book-award-statement

The author is now translating his newest book “The Cannabis Encyclopedia” in Spanish, available online and perhaps in libraries too by early next year.

The IBPA award for Cervantes means the acknowledgment of cannabis by the mainstream and that the plant is no longer being put in dark shadows.

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