Floyd Landis is Starting a Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry is gaining another important name

We are talking about the famous professional cyclist Floyd Landis. Floyd Landis is a cycling celebrity, who originally won the Tour of France in 2006. Originally, because afterwords, he tested positive for doping, thus revealing to the world he used performance enhancing drugs.

After the incident, cycling remained a hobby for him while he was searching for business opportunities. Hence the legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado in 2014, Mr Landis saw a new business possibility in front of his eyes.

As the market was developing fast, Mr Landis already had the plan well thought and ready to be put into action. It is all about high-quality cannabis products, said Floyd Landis. And so a line of vapes, edibles and other cannabis products will be presented Thursday 30 June, under the name Floyd’s of Leadville at Club Vinyl in Denver.



His basic product will be a pesticide-free canna oil, made from plants grown at high altitude.Also, the extraction process makes this cannabis oil even more special by using a pharmaceutical grade CO2.

As a presentation of what’s to come, Mr Landis announced his first two products on twitter. A topical cream and a vapor cartridge as a two way solution for the absorption of essential oils.

Floyd’s of Leadville’s mission is for his products to be seen as an alternative to opiate painkillers and other prescription drugs. He plans the marketing of these products to be made around the mission.

Floyd offers a 15% discount to all of his products for the USA Cycling members. The discount is available only with an original Cycling license.

Mr Landis suffered a hip surgery after a bike crash is 2006. Since then he accused chronic pain, and had to take opioid based pain killers for many years. Subsequently discovering the best alternative, cannabis based product for his hip pain. He said that is the best way to manage the pain and also have a better quality of life.

Since then, Floyd Landis entered in cannabis world, saying that “the therapeutic use of cannabis can’t be ignored”. And “we need to give people a safer alternative”



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