G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review – All You Need to Know

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G Pen Elite Vaporizer



1 Year Warranty

Fast Heating

Ceramic Heating Chamber

Accurate Temperature

LED Display

Battery Level on Display

Slick Design

Best Price
g pen elite vaporizer review

Grenco Science Company Profile

grenco science

Based in Los Angeles, Grenco Science was founded in December 21, 2011 by Anthony Barron. The company prides itself on offering the best portable vaporizers in the world. In fact, it was the first major vaporizer brand to go to the market in 2012, after it released a pen-style vaporizer.

Their original product, the G pen, won the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2014. Grenco science has promised to set the precedent in every aspect of portable marijuana vape pens. It constantly tries to engineer the most advanced, user friendly vape pens worldwide. The company integrates superior functionality with the convenience of transportability.

Grenco Science Product Line

Some of the top products manufactured by Grenco Science include:

G Pen Elite

g pen elite vaporizer tab

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is a new portable dry herb vape pen. It comes with an ergonomic design, an all ceramic heating chamber, battery life indicator and a full LED display with temperature control. Powered by a combination of smart-chip technology and the highest grade lithium ion battery, this unit is a high performance vaporizer that sustains battery life for extended use. If you are looking for a portable vaporizer that allows you to enjoy relaxing for a few minutes while taking multiple hits from your vape pen, the new G Pen Elite is a fantastic option.

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is the original flagship unit for Grenco Science. This device is sold for $149.95 in most online stores and can be considered a cheap alternative when compared to other products that it is at par with, such as Pax 2. Although experts still consider Pax 2 to be a better vaporizer, critics believe that G Pen Elite is the best bang for your buck. Here is a comprehensive G Pen Elite Vaporizer review.

G Slim

If you like the intense high from dabbing concentrates and are searching for something a little more portable and discrete, then the G Slim vaporizer is for you. This vaporizer pen is well made, portable and affordable. It is small, sleek and slim. The tank has a flute-like, flexible mouthpiece that is small in diameter than other pens on the market.

g pen g slim herbal vaporizer

G Slim Herbal | Snoop Dogg Edition

G Pen MicroG

The G-Pen MicroG is a small pen-style vape that is specially designed for concentrates. It should not be confused with the ground material or herbal versions that are designed for dry herbs. This vaporizer features a 1-button design. The button is used to control both the power and the heating element. The vapor quality of G-Pen MicroG is average but it is better than the herbal versions.g pen mirco g vaporizer

G Pen

The G Pen Vaporizer has a decent feel to it and the stainless components make it look very classy. The unit is specially designed for oils and concentrates or there is a version for herbs. The vapor quality is surprisingly average due the small size of the unit. The G-Pen vaporizer features the so called G-tool that helps you load the unit, two oil/concentrate containers and a well-suited USB charging dock.g pen g slim oil

G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal

G Pro Herbal

The G Pro Herbal Vaporizer is an ideal option for people looking for a low-maintenance portable unit to vaporize dry herbs. Unfortunately, this vape pen is useless for anyone who only wants to medicate with cannabis concentrates. Like most one-button vape pens, a quick 5-click of the button unlocks the G Pro Herbal and turns it on. The unit has 3 built-in temperature settings and the color of the light located under the button signifies the temperature setting you have chosen.g pro herbal vaporizer

G Pen Elite Design

g pen elite vaporizer review design


The G Pen Elite has a sleek, modern design and fits perfectly in your hand. Grenco Science is known to manufacture fashionable units, such as G Pro, and the Elite vape pen is no different.

The Elite is small, portable with a smooth tactile feeling with a combination of soft-touch textures and gloss finishes on the vaporizer. Its LED screen is easy to read due to the brightness of the display. The oven is deep and narrow and it looks like they took a few design cues from the Pax

The G Pen Elite feels sturdy, dense and luxurious.

g pen elite vaporizer front slide 2

Size and Portability

Overall, the G Pen Elite is the most portable vaporizer. Its small size makes it super easy to stash or pocket in a small handbag or purse. The all-black design is very sleek and the vape even has an ergonomic finder hold on the back that makes it feel like it belongs in your hand. The unit measures 4” inches length, 1“ inches wide and about 1 inch deep. The average weight of the unit is about 88 grams.


The G Pen Elite comes in a compact size, with a total length of only 4” inches. The digital screen is conveniently located along the side, allowing you to keep it obscured with your hand. The lack of highly fragile or moving parts means you can quickly tuck it away in your pocket without worrying about breaking anything. The device heats up quickly making ideal for quick sessions. It also cools down faster to help conserve herbs.

G Pen Elite Build Quality

g pen elite vaporizer review build quality

Materials Used

Overall, the build quality of the G Pen Elite is definitely impressive. From the packaging to the actual unit, a clear focus was put into the design, but not at the expense of functionality. The exterior is made of “food grade” plastic. All the components are well machined. The digital display seamlessly blends into the design, you actually cannot tell it is there until it’s actually on.

The herb chamber is made of a glassy, shiny type of ceramic, and the rest is made of silicon rubber and aluminum-alloy. The entire unit feels solid; there are no moving parts when you shake it around.

g pen elite vaporizer display slide 4Technology

Most vaporizers use the convection heating method only, but it leads to higher costs for both the manufacturer and the user. Conduction heating is much easier since the materials to be vaporized only have to be thrown in the oven and heated to a desired temperature. But how does the G Pen Elite utilize the two heating methods?

The G Pen Elite boasts a heating chamber with its interior made of ceramic so that the heat transfer is more even and immediate (conduction). There are also four small holes for air flow that are used when the user inhales the vapor (convection).

The fact that the ground material is placed in a confined and hot space means that it’s heating by physical contact (conduction) but also via the air molecules (convection). This makes the G Pen Elite to be very energy efficient and will provide excellent and even convection vaporization. This innovative technology opens an entirely new vaporizing experience with unrivaled effects, taste and performance.

G Pen Elite Heating

g pen elite vaporizer review heating

Heating Chamber

Even if it has one of the largest heating chambers on the market, the G Pen Elite showcases its strengths as it can heat up in only 30 seconds. The entire ceramic chamber is heated so it heats the herbs from all sides while the herb remains in constant contact with the heat. The chamber can hold up to .5 grams of ground material, making it a great option for those who do not want to reload after a few draws.


With the ability of setting any desired temperature between 200° to 428°F (93° – 220°C), users can experiment different cannabinoid and terpene profiles through vaping at different temperatures.

The temperature setting can easily be changed or adjusted on the vape LED display using two buttons located to the right of the screen. The top one will raise the temperature and the bottom will lower it. Since the heating is located right beneath the mouthpiece, it may be a little uncomfortable to use at hotter temperatures.

g pen elite vaporizer mouthpiece slide 7

Vapor Path

The G Pen Elite has really short vapor path. The mouthpiece and oven are really close together not giving the vapor sufficient time to cool down. Thankfully, the path does not have any foul like electronics, smelly and foul tasting gaskets. The unit is slim and small, and it is understandable why the vapor path is short. However, this can be quite uncomfortable as the vaping session goes on, the vapor goes directly into your mouth without any time to cool down.


The Elite’s mouthpiece rests directly on top of the oven. It has a small stainless screen built-in at the bottom and a silicone cover on it. It actually feels pretty comfortable on your lips and the tip is curved a little to match the aesthetics of the rest of the vaporizer.

G Pen Elite Battery

g pen elite vaporizer review battery life


From a dead battery, you will need approximately 2 hours to have your unit fully charged. It is not the fastest charged vape, but it is still not bad considering how much you get out of the battery. For fastest charging, consider using a 2 amp charging block or an external battery. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer uses a micro USB cable. This type of charger is good as it’s a universal charger for most electronic devices including tablets, phones, battery packs etc. If you lose the charger, you do not have to worry about ordering some expensive proprietary charger.

Battery Life

The unit has a 2200 mAh lithium ion battery that will last between 4 and 6 full sessions depending on what temperature setting you choose. Starting with a full battery, it is possible that it could last several days before charging it again. The fact that this device performs for so long is another thing to consider if you are looking for a portable vaporizer to get you through the day. 4 to 6 sessions is plenty of battery life, if you are just sitting around with some friends passing it around. Obviously, the only thing that could put you back is the hot mouthpiece and allowing it time to cool down periodically.

g pen elite vaporizer power button slide 5

G Pen Elite User Manual

How to Use the G Pen Elite Vaporizer

One of the best qualities of G Pen Elite is the simplicity and ease of use. Here are steps to follow when using your new G Pen Elite:

1. Visit the Grenco Science official website and register your device using the serial number information found on the underside of the product packaging.

2. Charge your device fully for a minimum of three hours before using it for the first time. To charge your unit, plug it into a 2 amp charging block, a tablet, phone or computer, using the provided micro USB compatible charger.

3. To load the chamber, first remove the mouthpiece by gripping both sides firmly and lifting one side upward. Fill the chamber with your favorite dry herb and place the mouthpiece back on top. It is highly recommendable you grind your dry herbs before using them to maximize the surface that will be touch the ceramic oven walls.

4. Press the power button 5 times to power on the unit (Press it 5 times again if you want to turn it off). The LED will turn on and display the current temperature in the chamber. Note that the unit does not automatically begin heating on power up. Therefore, just hold the power button for a second to start the heater.

5. Choose your preferred vaporization temperature using the side buttons. For the first time, it is recommendable you start your vape session at a lower temperature (< 250 – 300°F) to avoid overheating certain cannabinoids and terpenes that deteriorate at high temperatures. After taking a few draws, you can increase the temperature to 350-375°F to finish off the vape and make sure you do not leave any herb unused.

6. To initiate the heat sequence, press and hold the power button for one second and the release it. The unit will heat up and display the temperature on the LED. When the oven has reached the desired temperature (around 30 seconds), inhale and enjoy aromatherapy at its best.

User Impressions

The G Elite Vaporizer for ground material is a small yet powerful portable vape pen that provides for an effective and solid vaping experience. Going off first impressions, most users are a bit surprised at how small this device is. The smooth and inlaid buttons on the front and side panel prevent any uncomfortable bulging while in the pocket. The ergonomic and sleek design of the vape pen, with a rubber groove wrapping around the body allow for a natural handle when using it. The easy handling and discreet construction of the G Pen Elite makes it easy for users to vape anywhere.

G Pen Elite Maintenance

Cleaning and Care

g pen elite vaporizer heating chamber mouthpiece slide 6

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is easy to clean, with the screen in the mouthpiece taking the most time. The vapor path takes the most buildup of debris. Use the included brush to remove any debris, this may otherwise block airflow and the efficiency of the unit may be lowered drastically. Any stubborn build ups can be removed by soaking in either isopropyl alcohol or warm soapy water. Never bring liquids near the G Pen Elite itself whether it is plugged in or not.

The inner chamber should be cleaned as required using the provided brush. Always ensure that the draw stem and vaporizer are completely dry before plugging the unit back in. Keeping your vaporizer clean results in optimal performance and prevents any unnecessary stress on the machine.

Like any other high-tech device, you should handle you G Pen Elite with care. Make sure it is packaged well during transport. More importantly, do not attempt any external or internal repairs to your unit as doing so may result in your warranty being voided or worse in fatal injuries.


The electronic components of the G Pen Elite are covered under a one year warranty after you register your device. The warranty however becomes void if you attempt any internal or external repairs.

G Pen Elite Comparison to Other Models in Its Class

G Pen Elite Vs. Grasshopper

Both the Grasshopper and G Pen Elite are small sized portable vaporizers. The LED display present on the G Pen Elite is not available with the Grasshopper. The Grasshopper heat up faster (3 to 7 seconds) when compared to the G Pen Elite that takes up to 30 seconds to fully heat up. What sets the G Pen Elite above the Grasshoppers is the price. The cheapest version of the Grasshopper (stainless Steel version) costs approximately $ 200, while the Elite only cost $149 despite its many amazing features, such as LED Display and Full Temperature Spectrum.

G Pen Elite Vs. Goboof Alfa

The Goboof Alfa was released in 2015, and many people quickly discovered it due its competitive pricing and performance. This unit has a lhigher heat up time of 1 minute or less, when compared to the G Pen Elite that take only 30 seconds or less to heat up. Since the Goboof Alfa was specially intended for use as a handheld unit it is not one of those highly portable vapes. The Goboof Alfa’s charge time is lengthy at 4 to 5 hours, when compared to the Elite’s charge time of only 2 hours. The Alfa only offers 3 set temperatures, which explains why most users opt for the Elite, which offers a full temperature spectrum ranging from 200° to 428°F. The Goboof Alfa sells for around $200, making it a mid-range in terms of its price, while the Elite sells for much lower price of only $149.

G Pen Elite Vs. Vapium Summit

Even though both vape pens sell for a similar average price of $150, the Elite has more superior features than the Vapium Summit. The Elite produces larger clouds, taste better and heats up faster than the Vapium Summit. Whereas the Vapium Summit needs to be stirred fairly often, the G Pen Elite does not require stirring. The Summit however has a long vapor path, which enables it to produce a slightly smoother, cooler vapor than the Elite which has a short vapor path. Regardless of this, the G Pen Elite is highly preferred by most users due to its high portability, convenience and advanced features.

G Pen Elite Vs. Pax 2 Vaporizer

When compared to the new Pax 2 Vaporizer, the G Pen Elite is smaller, lighter, cheaper, more user friendly and has more features. The mouthpiece design of the Elite prevents the unit from overheating and burning the lips of the user, something that cannot be said for the Pax 2. Unlike the Pax 2 Vaporizer which does not have a manual temperature control function, the Elite offers a full temperature spectrum ranging from 200° to 428°F and a new modern digital display. It allows you to adjust the oven’s temperature at all times by pushing the lower and raise temperature buttons on the side of the unit. When it comes to oven size, the Elite has a larger oven that can fit about 0.8 gram of ground material, ensuring you will not need to refill in order to reach your desired effect. The Pax 2 is also priced a bit higher at 9. Not to mention the Pax 3 vaporizer which is priced at $274.99.

If you want to know more about the Pax 3 check out the Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

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G Pen Elite Summary

Pros of the G Pen Elite


  • Small, discreet and highly portable
  • Quick heat up time – can reach 400 Fahrenheit in 20-30 seconds
  • Fully equipped digital LED display makes setting vape temperature and charging accessible and much easier.
  • The temperature setting is fully adjustable
  • Micro USB pass-through charging
  • Quick heat up time and long battery life
  • Huge oven capacity.
  • Affordable and great value for money

Cons of the G Pen Elite


  • Factory taste out of the box
  • Short vapor path
  • Hot mouthpiece

Why the G Pen Elite Could be Your Best Choice In Regards to Price/Quality

The G Pen Elite performs well for the price, and considering its quick heat up time, small size, high portability, large oven and having a full temperature spectrum, this makes it the best option especially if you are looking for a highly portable vape. For only $149.95, you will get an upgraded flavor, an excellent digital LED screen with battery life indication, better battery life and a larger herb chamber. If you are looking for a portable vape that will work well with groups of friends, these features make the G Pen Elite the best choice.


g pen elite vaporizer accessories slide 6

So what do you get with the G Pen Elite vaporizer?

1 piece G Pen Elite
1 piece G Card
1 piece G Pen Tool
1 piece USB Charging Cable
1 piece G Cleaning Brush

Best Price



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