G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer

g pen snoop dogg herbal vaporizer parts

G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer


    • 1 Year Warranty
    • 7 sec Heat Up
    • Affordable
    • Easy to Use
    • USB Charger
    Limited Edition

Best Price
g pen snoop dogg herbal vaporizer

The Snoop Dogg brand is represented by this specially designed vaporizing pen that will catch anyone’s attention. The pen comes with a nice blue shade and a road map of Long Beach, California, the gray lines around the pen are made with big precision, helping you identify popular streets of Long Beach. Since the artist Snoop Dogg was born and raised there, you may find this as a very personal touch. It would either connect you more with the artist or maybe with yourself or your family if you have connections to the city.

Three glass sleeves will come with your pen, each one of the sleeves are intended to elevate the design to a higher level. What’s more, every Snoop Dogg G pen herbal also comes with the rapper’s signature, of course it is a facsimile, it is not possible that one artist signs such big loads of products, but in the end you will find it is a nice touch.

Grenco Product Line:

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g pen snoop dogg herbal vaporizer mouthpiece

How to  Use the G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer

The Snoop Dogg G Pen has one silver button on the front, a button that fits every finger. There were big complaints about other products that came with tiny buttons that made the process very complex, Snoop’s pen will make it easier for you to enjoy your vaping.

The vapor flow is easily made, you need to tap the button 5 times and wait almost nothing. The heat up is very fast, it happens in a few seconds then it will deliver your vapor puffs faster than any other device found on the market. When you are done vaping just lock the battery. This will prevent it from suddenly starting. The battery lasts more than 8 hours if you keep the pen locked when you are not in a vaping session. Or 2 hours of continuous use.

Heating Chamber

g pen snoop dogg herbal vaporizer heating coil red

The size of the dried herb atomizer is amazing, it can be loaded up with a proper amount of dry medicine, the amount of vapor produced will be enough for a vaping session, so no need to waste your time with reloading your pen! You will find the vapor smooth (that if you don’t get your herbal material overheated), the pen being able to produce large quantities that will sweep over you with flavor. You might find yourself toasted before the tank will run low! A good experience for the buck!

The issue that you will find with this vape though is that because of its design your herbs might get overheated which might lead to them getting burnt. The reason is the heating coil. Because it is exposed to your herbs, any piece of material that touches it or just gets close, will automatically combust after a few puffs.

One more issue in regards to the heating chamber is that the G pen herbal tank has to be replaced every 6-8 weeks. Other pens have the same issue but more and more companies are trying to avoid this hassle by providing their pens with permanent heating chambers.

g pen snoop dogg herbal vaporizer heating coil

Don’t forget that the G Pen is specially made for dried herbs, the use of oils with this tank will not go good so don’t even think of trying it.

g pen snoop dogg herbal vaporizer cover

Charging and Battery

You can charge your G Pen Herbal almost everywhere, it comes with a USB charge cord, charge it from you computer or in your car. Also you get the wall adapter for in house charging.

The 900 mAh battery will last you for about 8 hours of smoking if you turn the pen off in between sessions. We recommend you do so in order to try and avoid overheating of the ground material. But if you decide to use the pen continuously the battery will last for about 2 hours. The best thing about this configuration is that the Pen is small enough to be taken everywhere you go and that the battery lasts long enough for you to have a full on smoking session!

g pen snoop dogg herbal vaporizer battery

Pros and Cons

g pen snoop dogg herbal vaporizer glass chamber

Long Beach road map design, facsimile Snoop Dogg signature, easy to operate, USB cord, compact design, a safety lock button, a good amount of battery and a budget buy (under $100) are some of the pro arguments of this pen.

The need to change you heating chamber every 6 to 8 weeks and the low quality vapor because of possibility of combustion are some of the cons.

In conclusion there is a lot to be loved about the G Pen Snoop Dogg herbal vaporizer but some negative factor remain. And mainly the heating coil issues. But as a first time user if you are just looking to try the new vaping experience without a high investment the experience will be satisfactory.

If you want to experience a much better quality with Grenco science you should keep in mind that the company has released the G Pen Elite vaporizer. This is the top of the line vaporizer from Grenco. Sadly this vape doe not come in the Snoop Dogg limited edition version like the G Pen Herbal vaporizer. But it does come in two other limited editions. And on top the price just went down from $189.95 to $149.95 which makes it an even better deal.

g pen snoop dogg herbal vaporizer box

What You Get with Your

G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer

1 piece Snoop Dogg Battery
1 piece Herbal Tank
1 piece USB Charger
1 piece Wall Adapter
3 pieces Cleaning Tips
1 piece Cleaning Brush
2 pieces Glass Sleeves
1 piece User Manual



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