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G Slim Herbal Vaporizer


1 Year Warranty

5 sec Heat Up Time

Low Price

Easy to Use

Wireless USB Charger

Best Price

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Grenco Science is one of the biggest leaders of ingenuity in technology and aptitude, manufacturing again and again the most high tech and user-friendly portable and pen vaporizers in the world.

G Pen Product Line:

G Slim | G Pen | G Pen MicroG | G Pen Pro Herbal | G Pen Elite

g slim herbal vaporizer

G Slim Herbal Vaporizer Design

Grenco Science gave us the G Slim Herbal. This vaporizer looks exactly like a pen. A very slim pen actually. You can take it everywhere with you and use it whenever you feel like doing so. This pen is very simple and elegant. It comes in black, it is affordable for everyone and it presents an easy way to enjoy your herbs. The team from Grenco Science has combined the lightweight technology with sleek simplicity in order for the pen to provide a high class performance and functionality that comes in a compact portable design. This pen might be your new best friends.

The G Slim Herbal Vaporizer can be divided in 3 parts. The G Slim Battery, the G Slim Herbal Tank and the Mouthpiece. Being made in only these three parts, the vaporizer is very easy to breakdown and install at any time.

The G Slim Herbal Battery and Charging

g slim herbal vaporizer accessories

The G Slim features a 180 mAh lithium battery that will take about 3 hours to fully charge. From a fully topped up battery you will get approximately 300 hits.

To charge the unit you have to first unscrew the G Slim Herbal Tank from the G Slim Battery. Take the battery and screw it on the G Slim wireless USB charger. Then just wait for it to be fully topped up. The LED light on the G Slim charger will be red if the unit is empty or just partially charged and red when the unit is full.

g slim herbal vaporizer herbal tank

The G Slim Herbal Tank and Heating

The G Slim Herbal Tank will take in about 0.2 grams of ground material. Be careful you fully grind your dried herbs before you fill in the tank. Also keep in mind that Grenco Science advises us to change the Tank after 6 to 8 weeks of use as its durability lasts for only as much. The pack does not come with a extra tank so you will have to get an extra one by yourself.

The G Slim heating chamber uses a heating coil in order to heat up your material. So be cautious that the herbs do not touch the heating coil in order for you to get a clean vapor. Also, I have to mention that the vapor is not as soft and full flavored as other vaporizers that use convection heating or a ceramic chamber. But, these are options that have to be left behind in favor of a slim size and low price.

g slim herbal vaporizer heating coil

G Slim Herbal Vaporizer Safety

The G Slim comes with the classic safety features that all G Pens have. It requires you to press the button fast, 5 times, in order to turn on the pen. Then you have to keep the button pressed in order for the coil to heat up when you drag, And the last safety feature included will turn of the unit automatically after some usage in order to save battery and avoid overheating.

g slim herbal vaporizer box

How to Use the G Slim Herbal Vaporizer

You really can’t find a pen that is easier to use than this G Slim. It is super simple! Unscrew the mouthpiece, then just load your favorite herbs into the heating chamber, reinstall the mouthpiece and press 5 times to turn on the unit. To smoke, hold the button to heat up as you inhale…easy, right?

If you are looking for a portable and discreet, affordable pen that is very easy to use, and heats up almost instantly (in less than 5 seconds) this is the perfect pen for you!

Durable and reliable, the packet will arrive to you with the following accessories:

-1 x Wireless USB Charger
-1 x G Slim Tool
-1 x G Slim Herb Chamber
-1 x G Slim Battery




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