German Quality Bongs At An Affordable Price by EHLE

EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-1 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-1
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-2 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-2
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-3 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-3
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-4 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-4
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-5 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-5
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-6 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-6
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-7 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-7
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-8 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-WL-8

The Straight Cylinder Bong 1000 ml is just perfect for a lazy stoner. Simple cylinder shape without many attachments that can be great for your favorite herbs. Not to mention that is easy to clean.

It has a massive hexagonal foot and a downtube 13.5 mm without a diffuser. The 18.8 joint size matches perfectly with the funnel-shaped bowl.

It features the EHLE logo in white with red outline, and two other subtle logos sandblasted on downtube and bowl.

Manufactured by EHLE, it’s made from high-quality borosilicate glass at 4 mm thickness. It measures 18.5 inch (46 cm) and has a 65 mm diameter.

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EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-1 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-1
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-2 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-2
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-3 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-3
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-4 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-4
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-5 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-5
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-6 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-6
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-7 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-7
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-8 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-RL-8

This 1000 ml Straight Cylinder Bong is made in Germany from clear high-quality borosilicate glass, 4 mm thick. Smoking from it, you will notice what makes it better than other bongs. It has a roomy tube, which can hold more smoke than a usual bong, and a small mouthpiece. It sits on a sturdy hexagonal foot and features a downtube without diffuser and a funnel bowl with 18.8 mm joint size.

Manufactured by EHLE Glass, it measures 18.5 inch (46 cm) and has a 65 mm diameter. Burnt on the bong we find the EHLE logo in red and two others sandblasted logos on the downtube and bowl.

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EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-1 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-1
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-2 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-2
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-3 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-3
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-4 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-4
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-5 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-5
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-6 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-6
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-7 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-7
EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-8 EHLE-Glass-Straight-Cylinder-Bong-GL-8

Don’t let the beer can shape fool you! The 1000 ml Straight Cylinder Bong is more powerful than you can first notice. Due to its shape, it can hold an enormous amount of smoke, which can be easily inhaled through the smaller mouthpiece. It features a non-diffuser downtube and a roomy bowl ready to hold your favorite herbs. I hope that we all agree that this bong is not for beginners.

Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, 4 mm thick and has a massive hexagonal foot which will not allow the bong to roll down or fall.

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