German Quality Bongs by Ehle

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Made out of the highest quality, clear borosilicate glass and a clear rimmed thick mouthpiece, the Ehle hardware series bong has a simple but modern look. The large black Hardware logo running up the glass tube makes this bong aș it really is, professional.

The EHLE Glass Hardware #1 Straight Bong with Round Foot is a premium product from the Hardware series. Hand made from the highest quality, 5 mm borosilicate glass this bong has a solid construction. It features an ideal downsteam length of 4.3 inch (11 cm) and a round stable foot. At 17.7 inch (45 cm) in size it will hold a large amount of smoke for your satisfaction. With a tradition of over 50 years in bongs and water pipes construction Ehle will surely satisfy your needs.

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Made out of the highest quality, clear, 5 mm borosilicate glass with a simple but cool red dot next to the stable round base and a white, red outlined logo running up the cylinder make this classic bong look simple but beautiful.

The Ehle Glass 5 mm thick Straight Cylinder Bong of 450 ml with Ice Notches is a premium water pipe from a most respected brand. It features a medium sized bowl complete with the signed EHLE logo, a 12 cm non-diffuser downsteam and ice notches for that old school feel. At a height of 18 inch (45 cm) and a diameter of 50 mm this is a pretty good size for a good smoke. Whatever your preference, the EHLE brand guarantees a superior quality for its high grade 5 mm glass with pinpoint precision joints. Also the specialized computer controlled cooling and tempering process, developed with a background of over 50 years experience in glass bong making, will produce a most sturdy and beautiful water pipe.

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ehle-1000ml-4 ehle-1000ml-4
ehle-1000ml-5 ehle-1000ml-5

Made from the highest quality, clear, 5 mm borosilicate glass with a wide, stable base, a thin long neck and a extra thick mouthpiece this bong has a awesome minimalist design. Adding to its simple beauty the black EHLE logo and the signed downsteam and bowl make up a eye-catching design.

The 1000 ml EHLE Glass Reactor Bong with Round Foot is one beautiful water pipe, made with German precision. It features a 18 mm glass herb bowl and a a 18.8 mm downsteam that connects with pinpoint precision to the 18.8 mm female joint. The wide base, allows for a big space in which your smoke gets chilled before running up the long neck cylinder. Also the mouthpiece is extra thick for a comfortable fit. At 17.7 inch (45 cm) high this bong will surely satisfy your smoking needs.

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