How to grow weed indoors

]how to grow marijuana indoorsHow to grow weed indoors

 There are 2 common ways to grow weed. You can grow your weed indoors or outdoors. Each of these methods require their own set of rules because they require different habitat options and give different products at the end. We will talk today about growing great marijuana indoors.

If you want to learn how to grow weed indoors, you will find all you need to know in the lines below:

If the temperature and humidity in your space is the best, i`m sure your results will be the same, and if you have quality seeds and soil, even better. There is a PH meter you can use to find out the soils PH; it must be between 6.5 – 7.5. The best soil is the one containing sand, maybe spongerock or pearlite.  It is important that the soil has nutrients; also, the humus is essential because it retains moisture. Before you start growing, it`s essential that the seeds are germinated and the sprouts are planted. You need the best flourescent and LED lights. You must use lights from 18 to 24 hours a day in the growing and vegetative stage, and you can reduce the light in the flowering stage to 12 hours a day. It`s important that the light is bright. The highest temperature to expose your plants at is 80% F. You may also need to have around fertilizer, nutrients and kits.  The THC level increases when the light, the temperature and the ventilation are constant.

You can grow your marijuana in almost any container: flowerpots, plastic or wooden buckets (try to stay away of the galvanized ones), aquariums etc. The idea is that if you want to grow a bigger plant, you must use a bigger container; find one that`s easily drained.  If you want your plant to grow nice, you need to give it space in the container; and don`t forget that the root needs oxygen, comparing to the rest of the plant that breathes carbon dioxide. After you choose your container, and everything is set, you also need fertilizer. Some of the soils may have nutrients to help the plant in the growing process, but only for about three weeks. After these three weeks, you must put the fertilizer yourself, but gradually. To avoid an overdose, do it every few days. The most common fertilizer: worm castings. They are so rich, that sometimes, cannabis could be grown straight in worm castings; this is the reason that they are so expensive. At about 1 month and a half you can say the plant got older. Because of the salt that is in the fertilizer, that soil can become acidic, and can cause browning the leaves. After 70-75 days you can chop the plants down and remove the leaves. For the following week the plants must dry in the dark. To help drying, leave the fan on. After one week your plant is ready for use.


We all have concerns about the privacy of our plants . The cannabis plant has a specific smell. To keep this “mission” secret, during the process of filtration, you need a fan that has a built in carbon filter. This is how you can get rid of the smell in ventilated hot air.

If everything goes well and you have the necessary skills to grow the plant proper, you can have multiple crops per year and your harvest can increase in time.



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