Hand Held Clear Bubbler Pipe

medicali-bubbler-pipe-small-rasta-1 medicali-bubbler-pipe-small-rasta-1
medicali-bubbler-pipe-small-rasta-2 medicali-bubbler-pipe-small-rasta-2
medicali-bubbler-pipe-small-rasta-3 medicali-bubbler-pipe-small-rasta-3

This small, scientific glass hand held clear bubbler pipe, is something new from Medicali Glass. It has a stable base with an inclined cylinder shaped tube. Built-in the tube, we have the roomy bowl together with the slitted diffuser. Due to it’s shape, the bubbler only needs a small amount of water to cool and diffuse your smoke. It features a colored carb hole and a thin straight mouthpiece.

The pipes are individually handmade from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and the carb hole might be placed on the opposite side than in the picture.

Manufactured by Medicali Glass, it measures 6 inch (15.3 cm) and comes with the Medicali, rasta colored logo.

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This glass bubbler, hand pipe has an elegant design and is made by Grav Lab. It comes in a multiple variety of colors, all prepared to blow your mind. The pipe has 2 colored glass feet made for stability. They are used to sustain the flared, clear glass cylinder tube. Also a built-in the bowl and a downstem patented with a “x” cut are included. The mouthpiece is a long straight cylinder. All these components, the downstem, the feet and the mouthpiece are all colored.

Made out of high-grade borosilicate glass, the hand pipe bubbler measures 7 inch (18 cm) in length, 4 inch (10 cm) in height and has a 32 mm diameter. Also, the Grav logo is sandblasted on the tube.

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med-medium-pipe-1 med-medium-pipe-1
med-medium-pipe-2 med-medium-pipe-2

Individually handmade with clear, laboratory-grade, borosilicate glass, the hand pipe is awaiting its owner. It has a stable base which continues into a tube shape. Inside you get the built-in slitted diffuser which has the bowl attached on top. Due to the fact that the tube is inclined, you don’t need too much water to smoke your favorite herb. Also, this pipe, comes equipped with a carb hole which might be positioned on the opposite side then shown in the pictures.

Manufactured by Medicali Glass, this bubbler hand pipe measures 7 inch (17.8 cm) and features the Medicali blue label with a black rim.

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