Heavy Duty to Small Herb Grinders

Heavy Duty Small Herb Grinders heavy duty
This is insane! Instead of a grinder, you receive a curved “mezzaluna” knife, with 2 wood handles and a concave tray made from oak wood. Now, this is what I call chopping with stile. You can also control the size what you chop, rough or small, exactly as you please.

Heavy Duty Small Herb Grinders pick

Also, on the wood tray, you have the burnt, photographic, Black Leaf logo, in black and a “Mary Jane” leaf. The knifeā€™s blade is made out of stainless steel and has the same design printed on. It Comes completely equipped with a metal poker and a green leaf on the handle and magnetic holder.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, the cutting board measures 20X20X2.5 cm.

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Heavy Duty Small Herb Grinders wood medium

Here we have a classy grinder, made completely from wood and with a glossy finish. It is made of 2 equal pieces. The first, has a beautiful flat bottom, and the second, on top, has a gorgeous, finely carved pattern. The top piece has amazing motifs, obtained during thorough carving. It has very fine and detailed work all around. Inside, it has multiple pin steels which will smash and grind your herb as much as you want.

It has a generous 15 cm diameter, big enough for your herb hunger.

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Heavy Duty Small Herb Grinders wood small
Have a look at this grinder! Small, walnut shaped and beautifully carved, it must be a pleasure to grind your herbs with it. The grinder is made from dark rosewood and has a pot leaf, manually carved on the top part. The bottom part and the top, match perfectly together, giving the grinder a walnut shape.
Both parts have carved motifs, making this grinder unique. Due to its 35 mm size, it can be easily carried around. It comes equipped with massive steel pins, ready to do their job and smash your herb.

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