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Manufactured in Canada, the Herbal Aire H3 Vaporizer is an inexpensive product that provides you three functions such as: hands free use, direct inhale use and use of the rich bag fill system.The device allows eighteen small jets of heated air when the user inhales or when the pump for the bag fill kit is turned on. When the vaporizer is not in use the essence is preserved so there will be no such things as wastes. You will also benefit of supreme efficiency because the active ingredients are extracted at low temperature.

herbal aire h3 vaporizerHerbal Aire H3 Vaporizer – Superior temperature control!

The lowest temperature of use is 250°F and it goes up to 400°F. Choose the right temperature for your needs, the temperature control allows users to control their aromatherapy because not every blend needs the same one. The temperature self adapts to the environment and climate where you choose to use your Herbal Aire.

Safe and tested design!

The Canadian company specially designed the Herbal Aire H3 not to produce any taste or smells by using high tech materials. The air is totally separated from the heating element, it flows through only the safest materials as Teflon so no worries there because the Teflon is entirely safe for aromatherapy usage. The Aire H3 vaporizer exterior is glass filled nylon.

As a intelligent device the Herbal Aire H3 will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Easy Setup and Easy Cleaning!

Just select the temperature you need and the tri colored LED will alert you when everything is ready.The vaporizer needs less than two minutes to heat up so just drop your crucibles into the chamber, insert your Teflon mouthpiece in it and just…start vaporizing! Or: fit a bag onto the mouthpiece extension. Turn up the pump and watch the bag fill with potent vapors. Inhale from one bag while another one fills up

For the cleaning part just remove the mouthpiece and throw out the crucible containing the herb. A metal tool is provided to loosen any packed herb. Mouthpieces will be cleanse with water. If the water doesn’t seem to do the job for you, the mouthpieces will be placed with rubbing alcohol in the plastic tube provided, soak it a bit and then rinse. That’s it!

Enjoy your Herbal Aire H3 at a low price with a full vaporization experience!


1 Piece H3 Pump w/ Rocket Switch

1 Piece Mouthpiece

1 Piece Crucible

1 Piece Crucible Caddy

1 Piece Whip

1 Piece Pump Tubing w/ Connector

1 Piece Cleaning Tube

2 Piece Extensions

8 Bags

2 Bag Mouthpieces

2 Piece Hose Clamps


Best Price



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