High Quality Color Glass Hammer Pipes

Double Layered Fume High Quality Color Glass Hammer Pipes

This hammer pipe is a real work of art! Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, it’s just too gorgeous to smoke from. It has a hammer shape with a flat bottom and features glass marbles just under the bowl. On the left side of the bowl it comes equipped with a carb hole. The stem features beautiful curves which end in a comfortable mouthpiece.

These beautiful colors are obtained through the fuming process. Thus, the pipe has a double layered fume made with precious metals. Over time, with usage, the colors will change, offering you each time another amazing color tone. When cleaned, the original colors come back.

It is individually hand-blown by glass artists and has a 3 inch (7.6 cm) length. Due to its length, the pipe is easy to carry and gives you the possibility of keeping it in your pocket.

What can you wish more? Its small, efficient, beautiful and easy to carry. Perfect for every stoner.

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 Inside Out High Quality Color Glass Hammer Pipes

I miss the sea when I see this pipe. With a gorgeous turquoise color, mixed with different shades of blue and a red glass curved line on, this pipe is waiting for its lucky owner. It Has a hammer shape with a flat bottom which allows you to place it on the table while you are taking a break. This dry pipe has a inside-out design and the colors are obtained during the fuming process. It is fumed with precious metals and then covered in clear, high-quality borosilicate glass. In time, the pipe will develop stunning colors and patterns. After washing, it will be brand new again.

The deep, roomy bowl features amazing patterns and glass marbles, ready to hold your favorite herbs. Also, the stem is decorated with a bulge made from glass.

Individually hand-blown by US glass artists, this hammer pipe has a perfect pocket size of 3.25 inch (8.25 cm).

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