Huge Paper Cones

The Wiz Khalifa, RAW, Pre-Rolled, Supernatural, Mega Hemp Paper Cone makes for one huge joint. Following the RAW tradition this cone is not only huge but probably the best, quality wise. The paper is made out of a all natural, additive free, 100%vegan hemp paper and water based gum. Also it is so thin that it’s translucent. At an overall size of 280mm it makes it one of the huge paper cones. You can fill up to 192mm of the cone which leaves 88mm for a already inserted roach. Go ahead and check them out now.

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The JWARE, 280mm, Pre-Rolled, Mega Size Paper Cones will make a huge joint. The Mega Size edition is the biggest pre-rolled cone type from JWARE. This Pack features not 1 but 2 huge paper cones for your satisfaction. The paper is ultra-thin and it features a filter plus a packing stick. Go ahead and try them out now.[/fusion_text]

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The Giga Size Pre-Rolled Paper Cone is another heavy weight of its class. The cone is made out of the thinnest premium paper and contains a plastic tube inside to maintain it’s shape. The advantage of buying pre rolled paper cones is that you do not have to bother with the whole rolling process. Just take the cone out, fill it up, twist the end and light it up. Now how much better is it if you get huge paper cones. Bigger joint, more weed, more satisfaction. Check them out now.

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