Intricate Design Bubblers by Blaze Glass

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The Concentrate Oil Bubbler with Showerhead Diffuser is specially designed for smoking concentrates and essential oils. Made from clear high quality borosilicate glass, it has 2 colored glass horns attached on its cylinder tube. Inside you find the stunning showerhead diffuser, which diffuses and breaks the smoke into bubbles, waiting for his lucky owner to take a hit through the circular mouthpiece.

Manufactured by Blaze Glass, the bubbler measures 7.7 inch (19.5 cm) and has a clear oil dome 14.5 mm sized.

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Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-Oil-Recycler-Bubbler-1 Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-Oil-Recycler-Bubbler-1
Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-Oil-Recycler-Bubbler-2 Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-Oil-Recycler-Bubbler-2
Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-Oil-Recycler-Bubbler-3 Blaze-Glass-Concentrate-Oil-Recycler-Bubbler-3

If you need something small, easy to carry, to hold and to deposit but in the same time to ensure a strong high, this is the one for you. The bent mouthpiece and the curved tube may also satisfy your needs, giving you all the comfort.

The Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler with Diffuser Downstem is made from clear borosilicate glass and has a built-in a recycler and a downstem diffuser. The diffuser together with the recycler, beautiful green colored, provide you with a high quality smoke. Not to mention that with the recycler attached, your lungs will love it.

Manufactured by Blaze Glass, it measures 4.3 inch (11 cm) in height, and a 10 mm male joint size. Glass nail included.

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pink-blaze-glass-bubbler-1 pink-blaze-glass-bubbler-1
pink-blaze-glass-bubbler-2 pink-blaze-glass-bubbler-2

This pink says it all! Small and elegant with pink accents, it can be a great companion to a great stoner lady.

Made from clear borosilicate glass, this bubbler has the recycler and the downstem diffuser built-in and made from pink glass.

The downstem features three holes that diffuses the smoke and breaks in into bubbles. After this operation, the recycler filters the smoke again before it goes to the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is finely curved and has pink accents.

Manufactured by Blaze Glass, the Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler with Diffuser Downstem measures 5.1 inch (13 cm). The set is complete with a glass nail and a 10 mm female glass vapor dome.

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