Israel to Decriminalize Cannabis Consumption

Israel moves to decriminalize cannabis consumption.

Israel takes in consideration the decriminalization of soft drugs, like cannabis. The Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked has announced. The ministers will vote on Sunday a draft bill for the decriminalization.

If it will be decriminalized, Shaked said that the laws on cannabis, in Israel, will change. She also wants to make it clear, that the vote is for decriminalization and not for legalization. The ones who will be caught using soft drugs, won’t be charged as for a criminal act, but instead they will have to pay a fine.



Shaked said that the justification behind the possible policy is based on the fact that the use of soft drugs is too wide-spread to be considered a criminal act. She also added that by issuing fines the act of consumption will remain not allowed by the Israelian Minister.

Ayelet Shaked admitted that she planned to decriminalize soft drugs since she entered office, last year.
Due to the fact that the Justice Minister didn’t give more details, the Cannabis magazine Israel Hebrew announced Tuesday that the Ministerial Committee of Legislation will vote on the bill to decriminalize soft drugs.

So, what does the new legislation state?

In compliance to the establishment, the new legislation provides that people over 21 caught with under 15 grams would just pay a fine. Those caught at home will pay a fine of 300 NIS (77.90 USD), and the ones caught in public will pay a fine of 1500NIS (389.50 USD).

The legislation will remain the same for those caught growing and for those under 21.

A similar legislation, which allowed up to 5 grams of cannabis for personal use has been rejected by the Ministerial Committee of Legislation.



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