Jamaica is Going Big on Cannabis Tourism

Oooh sweet Jamaica, i can still feel the perfume of Jamaican Pearl tickling my nose.

Jamaica has decriminalized cannabis a few months ago.

It’s known that Jamaica is the mother of cannabis, or at least that it is the one which made pot so famous through Bob Marley’s music and through Rastafarianism. Even though everyone knows that in Jamaica weed is accessible at any corner, the official decriminalization was made just a few months ago. It consist in the decriminalization of medical marijuana use and sacramental use (due to the rasta religion). Plus, every house is allowed to grow up to 5 plants. It’s not like until now no one was growing, but now it is legal.

Jamaica’s plan to grow its tourism

They’ve legalized cannabis just a few months ago, and there are already big plans awaiting. One of them is to open dispensaries almost at every corner.

Imagine getting off the plane, walking through the airport and seeing dispensaries waiting for you with your “chill dose”. The heaven for any tourist. Plus, it is completely legal to carry up to 2 ounces while in Jamaica.

Will Jamaica be the next big cannabis travel destination?

The cannabis attraction is long known, but Jamaica also has beautiful landscapes, the ocean with the bluest water, sandy smooth beaches and the best Rhum. I don’t know your opinion, but i think i am planning my next holiday travel.

Another thing to know, for the cannabis enthusiasts, is that you can buy from dispensaries even though you don’t have a prescription. You can do a “self-declare” which will allow you to buy 2 ounces.

As you may see, Jamaicans can’t wait to spread the “love” with any tourist.

At this moment, the dispensaries are not opened yet, but in the near future (talking about 2-3 month) they will be. The Cannabis Licensing Authority is already drawing plans for the dispensaries.

The tourism in Jamaica is expected to rise significantly from the beginning of next year. So, i advise you to buy a ticket now because who knows, maybe Jamaica will be the next Paris for pot smokers.



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