Jet Flash Bongs by Blaze Glass

the-jet-flash-mini-beaker-1 the-jet-flash-mini-beaker-1
the-jet-flash-mini-beaker-2 the-jet-flash-mini-beaker-2
the-jet-flash-mini-beaker-3 the-jet-flash-mini-beaker-3

The Jet Flash Mini Beaker Base Glass Bong

It has the perfect size of a homie bong, ready to hold on your favorite strains. It is made out of clear borosilicate glass, that’s 4 mm thick. It has a black mouthpiece and a black trim base. Plus, a incorporated Jet Flash swirling action system which will make the smoke smoother and softer for your lungs. The bong comes with a 18.8 mm slitted diffuser downstem and with a 14.5 mm slide bowl.

This bong is manufactured by Blaze Glass and comes with the Blaze Glass and Flash logos in silver.

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jet-flash-mini-1 jet-flash-mini-1
jet-flash-mini-2 jet-flash-mini-2
jet-flash-mini-3 jet-flash-mini-3

This Jet Flash Mini Glass Bong

It features a stable round foot, colored in black. The bong is made out of clear, quality borosilicate glass and has a 4 mm glass thickness. It also has the Jet Flash swirling action incorporated in the body of the bong. The Swirling action provides you with a smoother inhalation. It’s like a blessing for your lungs (because we all know how harsh a bong hit is). The scientific bong also comes with a 14.5 mm slide bowl featuring black handles. The mouthpiece has a perfect 50mm (2 inch) size and design made,for a comfortable inhalation.

The Jet Flash bong is manufactured by Blaze Glass and has a 25.5 cm ( 10 inch) height.

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jet-flash-romeo-1 jet-flash-romeo-1
jet-flash-romeo-2 jet-flash-romeo-2

The Jet Flash Romeo

Is called the “beautiful bong”. So simple and yet with so many features. Let’s start with the beaker base. Small but stable, large enough for a glass of water (or your favorite drink).

It comes along with a removable slitted downstem diffuser and a clear glass 14.5 mm slide bowl. In the middle of the bong you find the incorporated smoke cooler, Jet Flash swirling action.

The bong is manufactured by Blaze Glass and it heights 45 cm (17.7 inch) with a 70 mm diameter. It is made out of high quality borosilicate glass 7 mm thick.

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