Liberland Legal Cannabis and No Taxes



Liberland – The Territory with No Taxes and Where You Can Legally Smoke Cannabis.

Liberland is trying to be the newest state in the world. It was founded on the 13th of April 2015 by the Czech politician Vit Jedlicka, on nobody’s land”. A piece of land between the Croatian and Serbian border, which officially doesn’t belong to any of them.




A year after Liberland was proclaimed a state, but was unacknowledged by no other country, the “president” Vit Jedlicka said that he already has citizenship requests from all around the world.

Liberland is supposed to be a fiscal paradise with only 5 laws. The auto-proclaimed president Jedlicka said that people would be aloud to freely smoke weed, posses fire arms, drive as fast as they want but all with one condition: Not to harm anyone around. liberland-legal-cannabis-statement

Liberland is situated at the border with Croatia and Serbia, half distance between Zagreb and Belgrad, on the Danubian shore. It has seven square km and it was not populated for 25 years.

It seems like a paradise. Imagine that you could go for a walk and smoke a joint while saying hi to a cop. It is absolutely insane, I love it! Not to mention that are no taxes required.

What is your opinion about Liberland?

Would you move there?

Do you think that it will be ever proclaimed a real state?




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