How to Create Your Own Cannabis Website

Creating your own cannabis related website or blog can be not only a fun experience but also a profitable one.

It’s an easy process that anyone can learn and undergo. During the following paragraphs we will go through all the steps necessary for making your own website. We will explain everything in crystal clear detail and we’re here to assist you if you need any help to get started as well as grow your traffic and fan base.

Step 1 – Buying a domain name

The first step toward creating your new cannabis website is brainstorming a domain name.

If you are not familiar with what a domain name is, it’s simply the address at which user can access your website with an extension added to it.

Step 2 – Finding the best hosting for you

Once you have a domain name it’s time to get the domain name hosted.

Step 3 – Setting up WordPress and customizing the website

What makes this entire process of setting up your own website is the use of WordPress which is probably the most popular blogging platform out-there.

Step 4 – Creating content and building your audience

Your website is all set up, what’s left now is adding content.

Step 5 – Monetizing your website

Making money from your website is probably the most fun part of this whole endeavor.