Marijuana Detox. Is it possible?

How long does it stay in your system?

Though marijuana is legal in many states now, you might find yourself in a situation of needing a detox, a situation like a drug test pass or simply you just want to flush out marijuana’s thc metabolites out of your body.

It isn’t normal for a ill person that uses medical marijuana to need this detox for a drug test but it happens. Medical marijuana is known for helping in many diseases such as, MS, Cancer, PTSD, epilepsy and many other.


Those who need to take a clean drug test should know that the consumption of marijuana will take effect immediately and will be very profound. Though the effect flushes off fast, the metabolites found in marijuana still remain in your body system for longer than expected. ”Cannabinoids” are how those remnants are called, they can be found in your urine, fingernails, saliva and even in your hair. But, it is impossible to be certain about how long they will remain in your body.

The factors vary from consumer to consumer. Thus you have to take in consideration many facts as: the smoked quantity, the frequency of using it, how you use it, your metabolism, your diet and many others. It is said that it can be traced in your blood for maximum one week, depending if you are a heavy user or not, in your hair it can be detected up to 90 days or more, in your saliva the THC residue goes from 1 day to 3 plus, the studies showed that in your urine it can be traced between 2 days for a single use to a few months for heavy users, none of this facts are certain of course.

What can you do about it?

Some companies are selling marijuana detox drinks for a few bucks, but the reviews aren’t so great, people are saying that those drinks aren’t helping the population… maybe only the companies to make some more money.

What you should try instead is living a healthy life, normally the body detoxes itself but it takes time so you can help it a bit. You should forget about all the processed food. Any fast food will only bring you down. You should start hydrating your body better using more water and lots of vegetables, especially the ones rich in vitamins like A, K, C and folate. A orange/lemon fresh juice sounds good and it has plenty of vitamin C in it! All that nature provides can be used for the best, helping us in every way, not only detoxing the cannabinoids. So no sugar, fats or salts are helping our metabolism to cleanse. Antioxidant foods such as grain and vegetables can’t be so bad, they are rich in fiber and awesome for your detox. You can easily use vegetable and fruits, if you can, look for the niacin vitamin. You can find it in things such as tuna, avocado, potatoes, niacin being the best flushing vitamin.

Do marijuana detox kits work?

The detox kits, might help if you have been exposed to the minimum rage of THC, some consumers were able to pass the test, some were not. The selling companies are more fraudulent trying to make money out of these kits… the population reviews.

Exercise, even though it’s good for your body, it won’t really help you detox the THC. Because the cannabinoids are stored in the body fat cells they are more difficult to be removed. A study has showed that if you exercise excessively you can end up elevating you THC blood level in the near term, so clearly this is not a good solution.

In conclusion detoxing the THC is not that easy or fast, but if you really try, you can accelerate it. Don’t forget to get enough sleep, that helps a lot with the detox program, and personally that is my favorite part.



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