Marijuana Pills MARINOL and NABILONE


Pills are used since forever, back pain? take a pill, headache? take a pill, that is the answer everybody will give you. But, what about stronger pain that needs stronger painkillers? It is known that painkillers usually destroy your stomach, liver and so on, lucky we have an alternative now, an alternative named “Marinol”.

Marijuana Pills vs Opioid Pills

One of the best benefit of the medical marijuana is the fact that it can offer an alternative product for the highly addictive opioid pain pills. Too many people are dying everyday from painkiller overdoses so if we weigh our options, marijuana pills are way safer. The Marinol pills are a good option for those people who want to avoid smoking even though medical experts still think that the whole cannabis plant has a way better effect than the actual pill. Smoking a joint gives patients relief faster, 15 minutes compared to 90 – 120 minutes if you take a pill. But it is considered an advantage because the pill effect lasts longer as the patients confirmed. It is considered a downside that the synthetic marijuana pill only contains one component of the plant while experts consider that only the whole plant can provide the required effect for the body system.

When did marijuana pills appear on the market?

In the US, FDA approved on the market two options for patients looking for marijuana based pills.
The most used option is Dronabinol (marinol), it’s composition is a synthetic delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The FDA actually approved it back in 1992 for medicinal use of course. Than the pills were used to increase appetite for AIDS patients and to help cancer patients ease the nausea caused from the chemotherapy. Currently Marinol is one of the best marijuana based pill approved for prescribed use by the FDA in the US, thought it comes along with Cesamet (nabilone). Cesamet is not so much prescribed as Marinol but as well, it is used for the cancer patients treatment under chemo. Cesamet main ingredient is a synthetic cannabinoid, same as those found in the plant. The first pill was approved in the US in the 1985 but it was backtracked from the market until 2006 when the FDA reinstated it.


But if you want a original pill you can find many recipes on the web to make your marijuana pills, you need a few ingredients as sesame, coconut or virgin olive oil and cannabis of course (careful though with the chosen amount). So if you have a bowl, a grinder, a oven and some empty capsules, you can do it yourself.

If the pills on the market aren’t the best for your taste just go on and try to make them yourself, it could be the best thing you can do for your body to help it relief the pain.



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